Chambor Loose Kohl Powder Black Review


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Hi beauties !

Today I’m going to review Chambor Loose Kohl Powder in black. First of all, loose kohl powder as it suggests, the product is a loose powder. Loose Kohl Powder is Chambor’s Innovation (from chambor’s website). It is a loose, ultra fine powder which helps create a mysterious look for eyes. I was looking for a single black e/s before I settled for this one from chambor, although it’s a kohl powder, but serves 2 purposes. It is not an intense black color, but mostly a charcoal color and I have used this is in few of my tutorial too.


Pic source- chambor Website

  • Packaging :– It comes in a very small vial type container, with a sponge tip applicator. The quantity is 1.9gms, which sounds very less, but I’ve had it for like 6months or so, I still have a lot of product left.


What Chambor claims:-

  • Two – In – One effect: Can be used both as Eyeliner and Eye Shadow.
  • The modern Kohl is both sophisticated and simple because it is easy to use.
  • Water Resistant: Long Lasting Effect.
  •  Vitamin Enriched: Vitamin – E & A.
  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • Non – Comedogenic.
  • Available in 2 shades – Black and Blue



I’ve transferred some amount in one of my empty eyeshadow pan.


My verdict about Chambor Loose Kohl Powder Black


  • As far as two-in-one effect is concerned, it can definitely be used as Eyeliner and eye shadow, but when I used it on my waterline it smudges greatly to its extreme K .
  • As far it has to be used as an eye shadow, it is good, because that was what my requirement when I bought it. Although it smudges and will crease a lot if not used with a primer.
  • It is not at all water resistant :-/ :no:  :duh:
  • The claim of Vitamin A & E ? I don’t really believe so, as I have sensitive eyes too, and each and every time I use it as kohl, it gets into my eyes and stings K  😥
  • Its good if they don’t have any animal ingredients 😀 :yes:
  • It says non-comedogenic, according to Merriam-webster website it means not tending to block pores, but seriously how can it clog or block pores on eyes lol 😀


Kohl Powder India Chambor

Okay lets see its swatch:-

Chambor Kohl Powder swatches


  • Price: Rs.350/- (I’m not sure, but this was the price that strike my mind 😛 , between Rs.300-350/-)
  • Rating: 3/5

Overall, its an average product, not too bad and not too great. I usually use it as an eyeshadows, but as it is ‘kohl’, therefore I found it totally :no: like a kohl 🙂 ,  moreover is expensive for a small vial of kohl powder which doesn’t delivers all what it claims. Also it falls a lot. It’s not a huge disappointment, but just an average product, which is serving the purpose as a black eye shadow for me.

Have you tried any loose kohl powder?

Godbless 🙂

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  1. i have tried L’oreal kohl and that one is much more pigmented than this one Upasana..but no animal ingredients gets :yes: :yes: a

  2. Who would have had the genius idea of calling THIS kohl..chambor should be firing that person! I’m very disappointed with the color of the swatch too..its not black at all

  3. luks gud and reminds me of L’oreals mineral kohl..but the pigmentation isnt too gud..price wud hav been fine had it worked properly

  4. Arre i think Chambor was trying to imitate “Surma”…we get the best of Surmas here in Charminar area…hehe…maybe i’l use one of the surma’s for eyeshadow and see how it fares…then i will tell you see i got got my ‘khol powder’ for 25 Rs ONLY :silly:

  5. BTW Upsi if you are looking for single black eyeshadow , go for Faces ka mono shadow..costs 299 Rs and you get good quantity..


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