Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Indiana Fusion Review and Swatch


Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick -Indiana Fusion Review and Swatch

 Hello Everyone…

 This is my first post on WiseShe… I have been religiously and regularly following WiseShe for the past 1.2 years now and checking the site atleast once a day has become my routine 🙂 I am a little nervous here considering WiseShe’s audience and I hope you’ll all like my post.

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The lipstick am reviewing today is Chambor’s Powder Matte Lipstick in the shade 164 Indiana Fusion!!! I had been to Health & Glow to check out for Colorbar’s Matte lipsticks, when the SA asked me to try Chambor’s matte lipsticks… Among all the variants, I liked this shade because this one did look good on me.

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About Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick -Indiana Fusion

An Innovative Formulated Lipstick which has both Moisturizer + Matte Effect in it. Powder Matte Lipsticks have a Non-Drying Triple Action Formula which:

  1. Hydrates – Vitamin A & Jojoba Oil
  2. Protects from the sun – UVA & UVB Filters (SPF – 15)
  3. Has anti-ageing formula which softens & smoothens the lips – Vitamin E
  • Price: 450 INR
  •  Packaging: It comes in a sturdy dark blue case which makes it travel friendly. I carry it in my purse everyday and it has stayed the way it’s kept.

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My Experience with Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick-Indiana Fusion:-


 I had purchased this with an intention of having a matte lipstick in my vanity. This is my first ever Chambor lipstick, to be honest I had bought this product just because the SA was friendly and professional. She was from the Chambor counter but helped me in swatching the Colorbar lippies without uttering a word about how good Chambor was…blah…blah!!!  I love the way she presented herself, which I never found with any other brand SA’s I’ve ever experienced.

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Talking about the lipstick, it’s between brick red and coral and is completely matte. It comes with SPF 15 which I actually liked because I noticed some discoloration of my lips recently. The lipstick goes creamy on application and my lips feel hydrated for a while but makes my lips dry after a couple of hours.. I applied lip balm before applying lipstick, which actually helped in retaining the moisture and the lippie didn’t dry my lips but then it didn’t serve the whole purpose of a matte lipstick. It didn’t settle in fine lines at all, which makes it better than Colorbar ones!!!!! The lipstick is very pigmented and intense.  I usually apply one swipe of color for daily office use. But can be built up as per your needs :). This one stays on my lips for 3-4 hours and then leaves a beautiful tint behind. If you like lipsticks leaving their faint tint behind, you’ll definitely like this one!!!

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Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick -Indiana Fusion Swatch:-


 The left one is one swipe and the right one is with 2 swipes.

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What I like about Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick-Indiana Fusion:-


  • Easily available at all Chambor counters.
  • Nice staying power.
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines
  • Nicely pigmented and intense color
  • Gives good matte finish
  • Leaves a beautiful tint behind
  • Travel friendly sturdy case

 What I don’t like about Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick-Indiana Fusion:-


  • It’s drying nature. Maybe exfoliating the lips before application may help, I haven’t tried though.
  • A little expensive when compared to Colorbar ones, but I feel it’s worth the cost.

 Will I re-purchase Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick -Indiana Fusion: This one will last a while, may be in different shades.

 Rating– 4/5, -1 for making my lips dry.

 Have you tried Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick -Indiana Fusion?


This post is written by Amrin who is an nail paint addict  .You can check out her blog here.:)


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  1. I have a powder matte in a rosey shade… its so amazing and doesn’t dry out my lips like other matte lippies do. One thing though, I like lining my lips with a liner before applying this, makes my lips look gorgeous for a long time.

  2. Welcome another WISE SHE “Amrin” to Wise she.. :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: good review amrin.. :yes: :yes:


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