Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick Silk Pink Review


By Maha,

Wise She MAC Giveaway contest entry

Chambor now releases its latest Hit Lipstick: the Classic Silk Touch in a dreamy avatar that boosts the lips while creating spectrum of looks: from daring to delicate, innocent to sexy that suit any occasion…

A perfect basic lipstick which is a must have for all CHAMBOR Fans. Chambor introduced this lipstick, with its captivating sheer luminosity & feather light touch emerges as the most talked about lipstick in town. It gives instant pleasure to the mouth in one application only, weaving magic around the person wearing it…

Available in a wide range of 18 captivating hues. Our favourite Lipstick Shade this season is the SILK BLAZE which suits the festive mood of celebration this year…

So go on & have splashing fun with 18 different shades of Silk Touch & get Silk Kissed…(From website)

  • Price : Rs. 525 for 4.5 g (I got it for Rs.475 at Saravana Stores, Chennai :dance:

  • Packaging : Comes in blue and silver packaging with the Chambor rose printed on it. I find it very classic.

Chambor Silk touch lipstick  Silk Pink

The colour details are printed on the bottom of the lipstick.

chambor silk touch rouge a leveres lipstick swatches

  • Texture : True to its claims, it is the lightest lipstick I have ever come across. It slides very smoothly on the lips and moisturises them. So there is absolutely no need to wear a lip balm underneath. It doesn’t settle down into the fine lines of the lips. It has a matte finish but gives a soft moisturised finish the lips owing to its light creamy texture.However, when I was testing it at the store, I was constantly cleansing my lips to try out various shades and lipstick was feathering on application on my extremely dry lips. I never had the problem after that.


Chambor lipstick

  • Pigmentation : The colour payoff is really good and the colour comes out well with just one swipe. The colour I had got for myself was Silk pink (:weep: clearly the wrong shade for me :(( ).

Chambor silk touch lipstick swatches

The site however had listed down a completely different shade! They are by no means comparable!

Chambor silk touch lipstickk shade - silk pink

  • Staying power : The lipstick stayed on my lips for 3 hours in spite of drinking and eating. However after 3 hours, it started to fade leaving behind a very light even tint. And the best part is, my lips didn’t crave for moisture for more than 2 hrs after it wore off.



1)      Very smooth and creamy texture

2)      Highly moisturising.

3)      Claims to have anti-aging properties.

4)      Doesn’t bleed or feather

5)      Doesn’t settle into fine lines

6)      Staying power may not be high. But I like the fact it kept my lips moisturised longer than any lip balm. And not to forget it stays even after meals.

7)      Pigmentation


1)      Contains SPF but they have not mentioned the SPF factor.

2)      If you want a longer lasting lipstick, this may not be your choice.

3)      The shade doesn’t suit me :(( I know this is not really a con but I regret it badly L

Wise she rating : 4.5/5

Will I repurchase : Of course yes! I love this lipstick so much that I would really like to get the right shade for me from this range.


I love the Chambor eye pencil already and now this one. Both the products I had got from them didn’t fail to impress me. I’m going to try more from Chambor 🙂




  1. the products sounds good but OMG! the difference in the site and real color??? 😯 😯
    but you didnt bought it online right?

    • No. It was bcoz of the store’s lighting :(( I tried so many colors and chose this one but as fate would have it.. 😥 boohoo.. pls don’t remind me again :weep: :weep:

  2. Haha….they named a brown colour PINK !!1 Lol….sorry for you Maha…but LOL…haha :laugh: :laugh: :silly: :silly: next time please check different sites for review of the colour you want to buy….atleast you’l get to see real swatches and not misleading paints !!

    • No Mitra. It was the store’s lighting that fooled me not the site 🙁 I just checked the color out of curiosity when I was checking the site for writing what the company claims and I was shocked 😯 Either the one who listed down the colors on the site was drunk or color blind 😛

    • Anju, do give it a try :)) It is really nice and they have some other nice shades too. I guess the silk pop and silk woods shades are the most popular shades in this collection 🙂

  3. dont worry maha . even i too bought a lipstick from maybelline last week,.. the shade does nt suit me at all.
    I have called up the store manager and going to return it.
    by the way loved chambor. even i tried the much raved shade silk pop at the store but somehow it did not suit me well. am a person who could carry peaches well but no pinks. i think after reading ur review I may buy a pink shade too.
    and yup !!! I miss my saravana stores!!!!!
    used to be a regular visitor there !!!!

    • Oh the idea of returnign didn’t strike me. But I’m using it with a brown lipstick and that way it suits me well 🙂 and there ought to be some pink that suits everyone 🙂 This one is wine coloured and hence the problem 🙁 Btw you from Chennai? Thats great! And I know I went there after so many years! It has now become a cosmetic heaven at least as far as Chennai is concerned.

  4. Great review Maha…the colour is so pretty..try to mix it with some other lipstick to get a shade which suits you..and you know..femina is giving a chambor hamper containing a lipstick, eyeshadow and eye pencil with 1 year subscription…I just subscribed to it and after reading you review, I am super excited and impatient to get that hamper..

    • Thanks Prachi 🙂 I do mix it with a brown and that way it works for me 🙂 And femina is giving a hamper? Thats great 🙂 It will be worth it coz Chambor is really good IMO 🙂

  5. I got this same brand of lipstick last week in silk rush…its a close to plum color.Loving it so far cos its nice and moisturising….:)

  6. hey, why does this shade not suit u? i have the same problem. i always test the lipsticks on my hands and end up buying the totally wrong shade. :pain: any suggestion plz……

    • Don’t try it on your hands bulbul. You can see how good this color looks good on my hand 🙁 Most of the shops always have a tester. So you would probably want to try them at least in the beginning.

      • Well used to suffer from the same I just dont listen to the SA.I swatch on my hand step into natural light and have a look ….am warm toned so i look for a blue undertone in order to avoid that shade.Its more of an elimination procedure with me.But most of the time I also try the shade I wanna pick.Carry a lip brush and pick the color at the base of the lipstick,apply..step into natural light and have a look.I was fooled by the fancy lighting in stores like so many times particularly in malls.Hope this helps u…happy shopping. :-))

  7. Oh and hey if ur looking for a pink then try the lakme fantasy collection satin lipstick in shade 134.Its a nice pink for warm toned women.I finally found me pink in that which is neither too in your face bright nor overtly subtle 😛 ,just right.It cost me 225/- and well shade 133 is also awesome,bought that too :-)) guessing ur warm toned from your post.Hope this helps too 🙂

    • Thanks for the reco Amritha 🙂 Yes I am warm toned and so keeping my fingers crossed that it will suit me :fingersxd: And that lip brush tip is good :yes: I’ll do that the next time I go shopping 🙂


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