Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner In Purple Review & Swatches


Chambor  Sparkling Eyeliner Purple 

Sparkle Eyeliners  – The Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner is the only eyeliner i have with glitters. It’s a purple shade with tiny glitters, maybe we can call them micro glitters. Lol. It may look a bit too much in pictures but the glitter is quite subtle and does not look OTT. A great colour for an evening out or a party.  It would look great on fair as well as dusky beauties.


The Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner reviews+Chambor eyeliner in purple reviews+sparkle eyeliner


  • PriceI think around Rs. 300 (I got this as gift)
  • Shade/Colour The Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner has a purple shade with micro glitter. To brag a bit, I can say it’s a very glamorous shade. If I line your upper lids with this pencil, I don’t need any eye shadow. This itself is enough. I am in love with the silver glitter. They are just right, neither too much nor too less.
 The-Chambor-Sparkling-Eyeliner-in-purple-review shade purple review and swatches
  • Texture – Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner is not very creamy and this one too is less prone to breakage. It can be easily sharpened without breaking or much product wastage. I need to apply it twice for a good amount of colour. I was so irritated with all those soft eyeliner pencils which would break if a bit more pressure is applied. I dropped the pencil without the cap and it did not break. Yes, Yes, it did not break. You read it right.
  • Pigmentation and colour payoff – The eyeliner is nicely pigmented and 1-2 strokes on my upper lash line give a nice sparkly pop of colour.

Swatches – Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner Purple


The Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner purple swatches+Purple eyeliner swatches Chambor


  • Staying power – This pencil has good staying power and does not even smudge. It’s waterproof and even when I accidently splashed water on my face, it did not budge. I splashed water again another day when i was wearing it and it did not budge. It stays long on my waterline too and does not fade or give me any racoon eyes. But it stings badly on my waterline. Used it only twice on my waterline. On my eyelids, it stays for almost whole day till it is removed. To completely remove it, I need oil based cleanser/almond oil/olive oil.


What I did not like about Chambor Sparkle Eyeliner


  • No ingredients mentioned
  • It can be worn only for parties etc. won’t be very suitable for office wear.
  • It stings my waterline and it stings bad. So I can use it only on my upper eyelids.

 Have you tried Chambor Sparkling Eyeliner?


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  1. heyy Nirah, its basically u have sensitive eyes, or u might b having glasses, my mum suffers from same problem when she applies kajal inside her eyes….
    Im not a doctor thou.. 😛

  2. hey i cudn’t eva find dis rnge of eye pencils on chambor’s site…
    dey hav discontinued it or what..
    i have a shade called ‘forest star’ from dis range..and am totally addicted to it…
    but it shudn’t be discontinued!!


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