Chambor stay-on waterproof eyeliner pencil review


This is my second buy as I completely love this pencil. I have not tried many of Chambor products but whatever I have tried till date is quite worth. Company product are little expensive but if you try their nail polishes, eye shadows and eye liner pencils then I think you won’t be disappointed.


*Name of the color of the EL is forever Black and ref no. Is 2965

*I have used this pencil more on my lower and upper lash line and it does not feather and bleed. It lasts for long for about 7-8 hours easily and is water proof too.
*I don’t need another stroke when I apply it as an eyeliner .It gives colour to the eyes in one stroke easily.

* I have seen this stay on waterproof pencil in black shade only. It might be available in other shades too which I haven’t come across. Nowadays I only see eye art pencil on their counter but I haven’t tried them till yet.

*Price of the pencil is Rs 340 of 0.28gm which is pretty ok to me as one pencil last for 7-8 month easily when regularly used.

Chambor stay-on waterproof eyeliner pencil Swatches:-


The color is pretty dark and intense and can be applied in effortless manner


By looking at its tip you will find it pretty thick but I have never sharpened it and still I manage to use it any way I like.

*Pencil blends well when I try the smoky look.

*Eye pencil doesn’t need much of sharpening too which is quite an advantage.

*I didn’t find any negative point in it therefore skipping the Cons 😀

Worth a buy-It is complete a worth if you are someone who likes to line their lower lash line or like smoky look. I would also like to try their eye art pencils too and many other Chambor products in near future.:)


Have you tried Chambor stay-on waterproof eyeliner pencil?


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  1. Wow…Thats sounds great…I liked the black…I'll try this one out…I had a Chambor before….It was really good….

  2. Dear Anamika,I always find your reviews very useful. I agree with you completely on this. I am so happy with chembor products myself. I have tried their lipsticks, foundation, eye pencils and all of them are fantastic.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  3. wow Shiva,Never tried their foundation..You seems to committed to Chambor..Now this is making me try their product more..Hey!! Also i catched you on Indua ladies..I am glad our friend is finding new routes..LoveAnamika:)

  4. Can anyone tell me where to get the eye pencil in New Zealand…I bought it when I went to India and just love it ….It is the best one I have used so far……I have tried many brands and find this just fantastic. :-)) :-))

  5. hi im using chambor forever blue eyeliner pencil,as you said its really a good worth trying! esp dis forever blue shade suits well for people having dark eyelids and browneye pupil


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