Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in Truly Sunset Review & Swatches


Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick 

I love the formula of Chambor lippies and having tried their ranges like Lip Vinyl, Moisture Plus, their glosses & so on, I realized I  hadn’t got one from the Silk Touch range. As the S.A. swatched the shades on my hand, she recommended that I try the Truly Lasting range. I promptly refused assuming they’d be overly drying looking at the matte packaging. Inspite of my refusal, she proceed to swatch the colors on my hand and I was taken aback at how gloriously creamy and glossy the texture and finish was. I was completely floored and ended up buying this one rather than the one I set out to get :cute:

Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in Truly Sunset  Review & Swatches

About Chambor Trul Lasting Lipstick :

 Chambor Truly lasting Lipsticks have a long-wearing formula with Shea butter, sunscreen, vitamins A & E that pamper and comfort while creating maximum color impact. Truly Lasting help lips look smooth and even. It is delicately fragranced with a fresh scent and packaged in a striking & sophisticated case which is quite chic.

Chambor truly lasting sunset lipstick review and swatches+truly lasting lipstick chambor


  •  Quantity: 1.9 gms
  • Price: INR 575
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date

Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in Truly Sunset Ingredients:-


chambor truly lasting lipstick ingredients

  • Packaging:The lipstick comes in a matte, navy blue casing that has a rubbery feel to it. The shade name and number are mentioned in teeny-tiny print at the bottom of the case which means that locating shades may not be easy if you own more than one from this range. The trademark Chambor Rose is seen at the top of the cap. The lid shuts tight and will not open up in your bag. Overall, the packaging looks sleek and chic. It comes in a plastic outer carton backed with the complete list of ingredients and product details.

Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in Truly Sunset+chambor truly lasting

  • Shade Description:This shade is best described as a dusty coral with light peachy brown undertones. Strangely, this looks pinkish peach on me although it does not have a hint of pink. But I’m not complaining since the colour is very flattering and is my current go-to MLBB shade.
  • Application:It is super creamy and glides like a dream. It applies evenly and does not settle into fine lines.
  • Finish:-The finish is glossy and shiny soon after application. At this stage, the color is transferable although it does not bleed. After a while, the glossiness fades and it sets to a semi-matte finish.
  • Formula:It feels supremely moisturizing for the first hour or two. Since I have very dry lips, the formula begins to feel a bit dehydrating after a while especially when the weather is dry. But this happens only when I wear a single swipe of colour. Two or more swipes ensure that my lips stay hydrated. If you have normal lips, you will not find this drying at all and will in no way require a lip balm either over or underneath this lipstick.

Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick  Truly Sunset+chambor truly lasting lipstick


  • Fragrance:-This has a waxy vanilla-ish fragrance that’s pretty strong. I know some people really like it but I have a sensitive nose and I find the fragrance quite nauseating especially when I’m in the car. This is the primary issue I have with Chambor lippies and wish they were unscented instead.
  • Pigmentation:-The pigmentation ranges from medium to opaque coverage in just a couple of swipes. Although this shade is not very deep or dark, it covers lip pigmentation fairly easily.
  • Lasting power:It seems like quite a task to ascertain the staying power since this shade looks very natural on my lips and I can’t quite make out if there is really any colour left behind after a while. But from the little I can see, I don’t find this very long lasting since the colour stays fresh and true for a maximum of 3 to 4 hours. I do find it water-resistant but it starts fading after about 2 hours. The only way I can get this to last super long is to wear the colour, let it set (or blot) and add 2 more layers. This way it even survives a full meal and stays put until I take it off.

What I like about Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick:-


  • • Chic, sturdy & travel-friendly packaging
  • • Creamy, moisturizing formula that glides like a dream
  • • Cool, minty sensation
  • • Nicely pigmented and will hide lip discoloration
  • • Water-resistant
  • • When the colour is worn in layers, it stays put the entire day and even survives a full meal.
  • • No animal ingredients
  • • Contains SPF 15
  • • Lovely selection of shades to choose from
  • • Complete list of ingredients is given
  • • Finishes up fast 😛 (I know this is a con for many but I like my products to finish up quickly so that I can rush and get a new one 😀 )

What I don’t like about Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick:-


  • • Priced high for the quantity (although the quality lives up to the price tag)
  • • Strong fragrance that I personally find a bit nauseating sometimes
  • • Not very long lasting unless you blot and re-apply in layers.
  • • Locating shades will not be easy if you own more than one

Rating: 4.4/5
P.S: Please don’t ask me about lip swatches. It’s a long story and I’m truly sorry since I do realize they make all the difference while selecting shades :quiet:

Chambor truly lasting lipstick sunset swatches+chambor truly lasting

Final thoughts About Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick:-

As always, Chambor has not disappointed me when it comes to the texture and feel of its lipsticks. This one glides effortlessly, is nicely pigmented and will last fairly well with a little extra effort. What I love most is the beautiful shade that looks very natural on my lips since I have a super-hard time finding MLBB shades. They have a lot of gorgeous shades in this collection and I’m itching to pick another one!


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