Chamki Nail Polish In Panna Review & NOTD


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Chamki Nail Polish In Panna

Hello Beauties,

I am here to show you an interesting product I received in my March Beauty Wish Box from The Nature’s Co. I hope you guys remember I recieved a full sized nail paint in the beauty wish box which was a freebie product. I really wanted to share it with you guys, so here I am sharing my thoughts about it.

the nature's co beauty box freebie

About  Chamki Nail Polish In Panna

Chamki nail polishes are safe & gluten free. They have a long lasting impression & are good for nail art. Moreover, we have a large range of beautiful & vibrant shades, even their names have a desi twist to it. We aim to reach out to every woman in the country to experience the happiness we share with our Chamki colors.

Chamki is a nail polish created for the indian woman. The brand in itself speaks about colors and the joy that comes with it.

chamki nail paint review

Price- INR 150 for 11ml

Packaging– The nail paint is housed in a transparent rectangular bottle with a grey applicator cap which has the fan brush along with it for nail paint application. The packaging is good and the glass bottle is sturdy as it survived several falls from my hands! :-p

chamki nail paint

Shade- These nail paints are primarily named as Hindi names of different shades or common words related to the Indian women. This shade is named Panna which usually means the Green Emerald and is an apt shade description in itself.

chamki nail polish panna

Texture- The texture of this nail paint is thick and consistent for a flawless application. It is not too runny. I have used it quite many times and it is opaque in a single swipe itself. Only if you want a deeper hue then you should go for the second coat otherwise, no need at all.

My Take- Well, I was more than happy to receive this full sized nail paint. Although I had a similar shade of nail paint from Maybelline but if you get a freebie then you are bound to be happy! 😉

 chamki nail paint panna

I literally applied only a single coat of this nail paint at first to see how it fares well. This nail paint really dries very quickly and you don’t need to wait for more than 20-25 seconds for this to dry up completely.

The color panna is a perfect bright emerald shade and has a matte finish on the nails. There are no shimmers but pure colors on your nails.

It tends to stay on your nails for 3 days ( if you do usual household chores) without chipping off. After that it gradually starts chipping from the outer corners of the nails. Well, a double coat will make it stay for a good 4-5 days easily.

chamki nail paint panna shade

I first thought the price to be a little more given the fact that one of the most popular nail paints are available in a range of INR 75- 120. Well, the quantity is surely good with 11ml of nail paint and it will last you a long time.

What I like about Chamki Nail Polish In Panna:

  • Pretty shade
  • Interesting name
  • Opaque in a single swipe
  • No need for multiple coats
  • Pure matte color
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Chip resistant up to 3+ days

What I don’t like about Chamki Nail Polish In Panna:

  • No cons! 🙂

Rating- 4.5/5 ( Not everyone may like this shade!)

Will I recommend?-I am really looking forward to try some more shades from the band as these are available on Flipkart. I think you all must try it once.

Have you tried Chamki Nail Polish In Panna?

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  1. But why does it have a such funny name..Makes me doubt about the brand and more so if its a free product that doesnt mean companies can send anything and we will be happy with it 😛

    • Haha..

      Actually I too thought that but since it is introduced by a UK born Entrepreneur, Nina Bual , they felt that a desi name like this would appeal more to women.

      as far as the product is not useless completely, I am happy with freebie 😉 :-p


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