Cheap & Best Eyeliner Brands


Roshini asks,

I am a college student with limited pocket money and love applying eyeliners.Can anyone recommend me eyeliners which are of good quality , priced right and affordable.


cheap and best best eyeliners


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    • faces and nyx cost just 150 ..u can hoard them like anything..if you like gel eyeliners then coastal scent gel eyeliner set is a good purchase if bought in 50% discount.

  1. for pencil eyeliners – faces is best, even maybelline vivid eye pencils r quite reasonable n of good quality !
    for liquid- colorbar liquid liner n maybelline hyper glossy is really good!

  2. cheapest solution ever: by the good old cheap lakme pot eyeliner. And buy different sizes of paint brushes – use these brushes to apply the eyelines – or try 0 rush alone. trust me it works!


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