Cheap Chinese Fakes MAC Makeup Brushes – Lolz


Hey Girls,

I was off to a nearby All-Purpose shop to buy cotton  , that suddenly I saw some brush sets hanging , I just asked the Sales person to show me those and when he handed over one of the set I had a good laugh seeing the makeup brushes which have MAC trademarks .I bought this to show the Wise She readers and making them aware of these kind of chinese fakes available in India.




When I came back home and opened the packaging , I  was surprised to see how these products are sold openly without any fear.


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Do have a look at some of the pictures.

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The brushes are not of a very good quality of course but can be used for shadow and concealer application. The blusher blush is not good at all but the others are not bad but of course they can not be compared to MAC.



Did you come across fake MAC’s before ?

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  1. I have seen fake Mac foundations, eyeshadows, brushes and many such things sold openly in many stores in the city..the fake foundations are available for 150 bucks… 😀 😀

  2. I saw a few fake mac products at a store when i went to buy toys. I really wanted to laugh out loud coz I live in a place where ppl dont even know what maybelline is and we don’t get Lakme also here :rotfl:

  3. i got one of the set looong back when I was not even much aware of all these. While all them were not even use – the powder brush was perfect – it picked the right amount of color and very blend power and mousse blushes. I still have that one and at times prefer it over my sigma brushes – no shredding, no change of colors, washed it a million times so far – have to say it was my good luck. I wont suggest it to anyone BTW in case you get the rotten one. I have seen the foundation etc specially from the hello kitty collection but I can never ever buy fake cosmetics

    • I once remember getting so called high end makeup from a local was some 8-9 years ago ..that person told me that its original and not fake..he gave me the reason that air hostesses give it to him as they keep getting these free while flying..lolz

  4. if u gonna buy fake… better stick to brushes…or buy drugstore stuff like lakme maybelline, loreal with that money.y harm our health by using unknown cancer cosmetics.sometimes brushes will be of good quality like SD said.
    u shd see urban decay n two faced,benefit fakes.thy look so pretty n exactly same packaging.fake mac sellers say that mac factory gave them surplus lol..fake cosmetics n perfumes is a big industry in itself!most of ebay stuff is fake.if u buy it for fun dont use it.stay safe 🙂

  5. haha!!! ive seen these too!! along with fake mac liners, lippies n wot not!! and so many gals buy them thinking its some sorta sale and buy like crazy!

  6. yes mac compact and he said mac is manufacturing in india so this is the indian mac. its cheaper because it is made in india and the other one is expensive because it is made in america…. wah wah

  7. ya crazy na! when u can buy decent local makeup with same money.these fake cosmetics get their pigments from metal,pesticide, paint indusrty waste materials also. zara dnt put tht fulidline anywhere near ur eyes! better safe than b sorry.

  8. When jet airways used to fly to shanghai i discovered a whole new world of fakes .. I actually gt into trouble with customs coz i brought bk 11 fakr bags .. Gt lady dior hermes birkin coach chanel 2.55 etc ., i had some of my colleagues buying fake iphones an ipods too

  9. anyway coach n many designers make their bags in china to reduce cost… shoes too.
    is lakme eyebrow pencil fake?i see it in all shops.i had fake brushes.but was brush-illeterate then so chucked them.

  10. my mother bought a fake MAC Lipstick and came back home, and said to me, look i got these for 100 rupees, what do you think?? I was like… give it away or else. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  11. The thing is these companies outsource to chinese companies and the markets say its a ‘ first copy’ for verything to makeup to bags to electronics ! I managed to buy a fake lv in hongkong too !!

  12. poorna… lolz 🙂 poor mom..
    recently cops seized fake olay, fair n lovely,fairever,ponds,nycil in India. millions of people buy them, especially the sachets, so think about the horror!

  13. Oh yes ! Thts true! InfAct on of my flts i had rohan vaziralli on board ! Hes the india head of estee lauder which also markets mac! He was like i wonder why ppl go to the stores which sell all spurious products and nt to tje main store.. He was talking abt girls who live in big cities!


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