Cheap Eye Primer – How To Make Eyeshadow Primer With Pictures


Hey everyone!!!

How you guys doing??Hope you had an awesome weekend unlike me :(.I was busy unpacking my stuff and setting up my house which was without maid for a week now :(Anyway now things have settled down so let me share with you something which I did today.I made eyeshadow primer for myself with Loreal true match super blendable foundation.. This foundation gave me bad whitish cast so it was time to put it to some good use.

What is Eye shadow Primer ?

Eyeshadow primer act as a barrier between our skin and eyeshadow.It helps prevent creasing and makes eyeshadow look more vibrant and makes it lasts longer.Eyeshadow primer are generally expensive and making them at home is an easy task.One needs just two ingredients and cost next to nothing.Yes it won’t be as effective as Urban Decay eyeshadow primer or MAC primer but the result won’t be bad either.

So  here we go with the tutorial  of How To Make Eye Shadow Primer

Eye Shadow Primer Ingredient
How To Make Eyeshadow Primer

Ingredients required:-

A sample jar (I used my body shop lip balm jar)

Liquid foundation or concealer(If you are fond of using lot of shimmer then you can add shimmer to get a shimmery base.Using foundation even’s out the skin tone and

White Body Butter – I am using Fab India Avocado Body Butter. Because of the thick consistency of Body Butter it provides a nice base which I like applying as an eyeshadow base.

Tooth pick or back of the make up brush to mix both ingredients

To start with it Add little less than 1/4th of liquid foundation in the jar.I don’t use any particular measurement but the idea ratio is 1:4

Eye shaodow primer jar

Now Add body butter on the remaining jar to get the right colour.

Moisturizer for eyeshadow primer
Body Butter For Eyeshadow Primer

Mix both the ingredient finely so that they give a even tone.Try to bring it down to the same colour of your skin.You can add or reduce the foundation accordingly.

Mixing foundation with Body Butter
Finely mix foundtion and body butter

I like using thick eyeshadow primer if you like the thin consistency than add more of the body butter and we are done πŸ™‚

Home Made Eyeshadow Primer

You can check out the difference here

Eyeshadow with home made eyeshadow primer

Have you tried making eyeshadow primer?

How was your experience like?

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  1. gud article..! but doesnt body butter make it all oily! :-s.. caz my eyeshadows never stay for long πŸ™ so i use eye primer from sephora! :-s

  2. no it doesn’t make me feel oily buddy…I just dab some loose powder on my eyes and it works perfectly fine..i too have oily lids but still it works fine ..this one prevents creasing also and make eyeshadow looks intense as well.

  3. Anamika! I always thought getting a primer is expensive but this such a nice tip!

    I don’t own a body butter , so can I use any other cream that’s thick in texture or else I would have to buy a body butter for this?

    Also wanted to tell you the pics in the new layout looks nice!

  4. you can use any thick cream which is unscented Adivaah..moisturizer too work well but it is not that sticky..or take any thick moisturizer..

  5. Hey u r back! actually i should say u have left delhi.
    so those road pics were from ur trip back to home?? hmmm
    n about the primer…. i didnt know its so easy. will try it surely (psssst… i dont have any primer as of now)…… a back-to-hyderabad hug to you πŸ˜›

    • Yup back and back to blogging full time πŸ˜€

      missed all the comments and replying u doing and now Delhi temperature is getting better now..

      Even I don’t own a primer right now so this was quiet made it πŸ™‚

      ok so when i left yur place u giving me a hug :O :D:D

  6. No no..i don’t know..when did this hot hting happened..he is such a nice guy ..Neelam did the right thing…

    give me link of the pics of there wedding if u have..jaldi jaldi :D:D

  7. ohhlkk.. Neelam looking little old but pretty thw way Karisma kappor comes in every mumbai party..has she permanently settled there only

  8. yaa that is true..Karima is well dressed most of the time naa..

    by the way lets comes to imp thing:D

    How was exams ?? πŸ˜€

    • had one yesterday…… it was ok-ok. but after coming back i realized one of my answers is wrong…totally…. i was so depressed yesterday πŸ™ .
      u r so nice. i didnt expect this ques… so sweet that u remembered πŸ™‚ .
      there’s one more coming sun

      • aare come one we discussed abt yur paper so many times..ofcourse i remember it ..

        Exams are stressfull so i can very well understand ..

  9. Great tut Ana. I like how it looks. I make mine with so many things, but still isn’t quite right yet πŸ˜€


  10. wow anamika, gr8 tip.. i might try it day after 2morow. afterall it’s a holiday n i shd utilise my time.. πŸ˜€ last week i made a tinted moisturiser sort of thing by using bioteque sunscreen lotion, garnier eye gel for contouring and maybelline foundation. it ws awesome. thnx for the tip. πŸ™‚

      • oops, i forgot to add tht.. lol.. i added Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream into tht. as tht ws the only option available to me at tht time apart frm lakme one. n i like nivea one much more than lakme one. so i used nivea for this. so far i m loving whatver i hv made. bt nw soon gonna try this eye primer thing too.

        • don’t use body lotion intinted moisturizer as they are heavy and they might clog pores…so using nivea face cream is the best option..but if it working for you then it is great πŸ™‚

          • ohhh is it really so? bt i always thought tht may be nivea soft moisturising cream is for face+body+hands…. πŸ™‚ actually wenevr i wanna apply foundation, i always use this one underneath… Usually i just use sun screen lotion on daily basis, n dnt wear any makeup at all, so dnt hv much idea abt it. So, thnx for telling me this thing. next time, i wd be adding face moisturiser in it. πŸ™‚

  11. I told you na, I soo wanted to get a primer since long… i wil first try this…thanku soooo very much…..i realy reaaly really loved this articled Anu….Love youuu

  12. Thank u and i love you too:)

    this will suit you..after applying it just dab some powder also on it then eye shadow will remain for long long time:)

  13. This is pure awesomeness! Must give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing….first time I am seeing a product called ‘fabindia’. Must check them out when I visit in June.

  14. thanks for the tip ankita…loved it…dont have a mac store near my place….never been there …so needed a eye primer….will make this with niveacream asap


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