Cheap Places To Shop For Clothes Online – Suggestions


Sushma asks,

Hi Guys!

I live on the far end of the city and its not possible for me to travel for two hours and visit malls .I am looking for a website which has affordable and cheap clothes and are stylish too.


cheap clothes online


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  1. u have a lot of city-wise shopping groups in facebook.. where people sell clothes and various other goods directly at wholesal prices.. examples like Chennai Shopping, Hyderabad shopping, Bangalore shopping..

    do not worry… all sellers ship all over india.. though the groups are city-based..

    jabong is gr8 in customer service.. fashion&you too brings some fab clothes… i mostly like these fb groups.. where the return policy is lenient too.. if the kruti doesnt fit me.. i courier it back n get a new one… 🙂


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