Checkered Nail Art Designs Tutorial


By Prerana,

Few days back while traveling in metro train I saw a checkered nail art design on a girl’s nail. Her nail art was so precisely done that I couldn’t resist myself to rush back home and try out my hand in drawing this art on my nails. I thought, thought and thought a lot how to start and finally I succeeded :D:D

Here it goes

Checkered nail art tutoiral

Step 1 .All u need is any two color, I’m using yellow&red.So, apply yellow nail paint at the root of your nail horizontally.


Nail art design in checks +how to make nail art


Step 2.Draw vertical lines with red nail paint brush over the yellow base. Here I didn’t use any bindi brush coz I don’t want thin lines, rather I want thick lines to make checkered design


Simple Nail Arts+Nail art photo

Step 3-Now apply red nail enamel horizontally next to yellow line so that all the vertical red lines meet the red line at its base. Oh, I’m sorry to teach u mathematics of vertical & horizontal lines here!!, 😛


Latest nail art+nail art for short nails

Step 4-Now repeat step 2 with yellow color here. Over the red color draw thick yellow vertical lines, and join them at the base by same yellow horizontal line.


Nail designs for short nails

Step5 -Now again repeat the steps as written above and draw red lines over yellow color.

Nail art Picture+how to make nail art

Step 6– Go on to repeat the steps till you reach the tips of your nails.


Nail art how to do

Step 7 – Do it in all the 5fingers and it will show up something like this..


checkered nail art tutorial

Beware, it took 45min for me to do this nail art because  the nail paint have to be completely dried up before proceeding for next step. But do try out this design, it will be real fun :):)


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  1. Hi Prerana…Nice nail-do…u must have alot of patience to do this..40-45mins!! m impressed! :hugright: :hugright:


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