Checklist to follow when moving into a apartment


There is always excitement in the air when you are planning to move into a new apartment. After all it is your large chunk of hard earned money which will be invested into it. But make a check list to follow before moving in.

Here is a comprehensive list of points which should be taken care of before moving in:-

1.Documents– Go through the ownership document carefully to avoid shocks later on. Most of the things which are said should be in written that include detail plans for all services such as plumbing, electrical and fire hazards. Apartment which is above 2nd floor should have good sprinkle system, fire hoses, and stair cases and well maintained alarm system.

2. Balconies-Nowdays balconies can be utilized in many ways. People with small bathroom place their washing machine in balcony and get it covered and utilized the space. Main point is that area under balconies is not covered under the floor area. Therefore they are much cheaper and can be utilized well. It can be used for your entertainment, for drying clothes and storing seldom required knick-knacks.

3 Space-Don’t just go with the space. Your house should be designed well so that maximum utilization of space can take place. If your kitchen is facing the bathroom then you will never like your kitchen. Either kitchen should be next to the bathroom or near hall area.

4.Lightening-If there is no AC or cooler plugs in every room then it means that the house has a poor lightening .Therefore ,make sure enough plugs have been set up in all rooms including balcony. Also, try to choose a house which is west facing as the sun’s glare may be too strong in the afternoon, deep verandahs offer some protection. A house which has maximum natural light possible with good ventilation should always be kept in mind.

5. Walls-There is wide variety of paints available in the market. It’s always best to use POP(Plaster of paris) as this gives nice texture and avoids cracking as well. Always use wall papers which are temporary and not a permanent one. There is no use of using wall paper in every room .It just increases expenses, it is better to use it your living room. You can use tiles as well if you are good on budget. If you want to save on expenses then use contrast color and mix and match colors.

6. Furniture-It is always advisable to purchase your own furniture rather than taking ready to move in furniture. This not only cost more but also the wood used is not of great quality. Do not use fixed furniture as your future possibility to change it is zero. You may find your new fixed furniture interesting but down the lane you will be too bored of it and would like to make changes in it.

7. Glass Try to find out the quality of glasses used in large section of your house .Make sure they are of good quality otherwise you will later land up repairing them.

8.Parking-Previously people didn’t pay much heed to this but now it is a major concern. There should be at least 2 car parking(even if you have one car ,your children,wife or relative might need it) or there should be visitor parking. With parking small things like garbage disposable and electricity back up should be verified properly.Also,24 hour water supply is must.

9. Neighbors-Try to find out about your neighbor or meet them once. This will give you an idea about the locality. You can ask them what problem they are facing or how they found their house.

10. Terrace-Check out for common terrace policies since there are many buildings which offer it exclusively.

Readers can add more points which they have noticed after moving in.


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