Cherry Culture India Product Delievery Problem


By Mitra,

I placed my order on Cherry Culture 2.5 months ago and after contacting with them number of times the response which i got  is this

Dear Customer,

USPS has indicated that your order is at the local custom office. Please check with them directly.
What am I suppose to do and who should I contact now and how I should reach custom office? Is this usual problem with Cherry culture??


Cherry Culture India Product Delievery


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  1. Oh Gosh..This is baad…2.5 months is too long ya.. How bout writing back to them asking for the details of the customs office..if they r so uncooperative, the least they can do give u the contact details so u can do something…

  2. Hey i got the same response. No, this doesnt mean you have to contact the office. this is just the same mail they send to everyone. Write back to them after a week saying that you have checked with the office and its not arrived. Mostly they will reship your package. Be careful wth cherry culture….not one of my cherry cultur packages has arrives till now even when they reship it 🙁

  3. Mehak if you have not received the products till now that means they have not shipped it altogether i believe the way how big was amount of your purchase..??

    • i think my turn will come soon as i have too placed an order some time back and have no clue when i will receive it.

  4. even M waiting for my order..I ordered from porkdaisy…bt still did not get it..many others got it in 10-14 days and d usps takes 7-14 days..22 days have passed bt still did not get..waiting…dey sd if i do not get in 30 days dey wud reship or refund d amt exlcluding shipping fee..I hope it comes soon :((

  5. Hi Mitra, that means that your package is at the customs office and you’ll need to pay some custom duty to the officials to get it. Thankfully my cherry culture packages have reached me safely but my bf had ordered a phone from a chinese vendor and it ws held up at Customs (near Mumbai international airport). He had to pay ard Rs 700 to get it.

  6. Hey Girls, I have some info which I think should put your anxiety to rest. Well in this case I don’t see anything amiss at Cherryculture’s end.

    When you import any item from abroad Customs duty as due on the invoice value needs tobe paid to Customs dept. in India.
    If your package status is showing with customs then you need to contact your local Foreign Post Office in your city (just google for this info)
    (Customs in Mumbai – for south and central India & New Delhi – for North India). You need to find out the customs due and after making the required payment your consignment will be released to you.

    :announce: New Delhi Custom Inquiry 01123236739

    01126140190 01126155835 DIMC NEW DELHI 37 Inquiry

    Dimc/1 Basant lok vasant vihar New Delhi 110057 Near Priya Cinema

    01123235501 01123233314 01123233325 01126156732 Registared Parcel Inquiry New Delhi USPS

    Foreign Post Department of Posts
    2nd Floor
    Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg Road Near Bal Bhawan
    New Delhi
    Contact Numbers 01123233325 01123235501

    You can use this link & track your USPS shipments in India

    alternatively you could also try using the below link for Fedex/DHL/USPS shipment

    Hope this helps :nerd:

  7. If its at the customs means its under processing. Maybe you have to shell out some duty at the post office. i observed that if the value of product is more than 10000/- the thing sits in customs for long. depends on order.

    Btw my order in buyincoins went berserk. i placed in april. never arrived. mailed,mailed and mailed. only when i threatened to spread hate mail they responded with a sorry and a immediate shipping :starving:

  8. Thanks IBC ..i will check with the customs office for sure…

    Ankita i hope i get my packages…tired of the wait…

    Reddy my order is not even close to 2500 …then why the delay..

    :fingersxd: :fingersxd:

  9. Did anyone get any help form what IBC has mentioned in the comment? I am also waiting for a package from Cherry Culture and they have given me the same response. I did check the status of my order on USPS website and that’s not what Cherry Culture told me.

  10. I got the same response for Brazil. 5 months and still nothing. This is not real information, it’s a lie that they make up so that we think it’s the customs problem. I am very worried that ey are not even trying to ship to our countries, and simply saying that the order got lost in our local customs…


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