Cheryl’s Anagen Scalp Tonic Review


From Megha,

I had been suffering from severe dandruff and hair fall since 1 year. I tried various anti dandruff shampoos but alas nothing worked for me. So instead of visiting a doctor(as I hate taking medicines 🙁 ), I decided to get some suggestions from parlour aunty who is sometimes a savior for me. She suggested me to use Cheryl’s Anagen Scalp Tonic which does wonders for my scalp. Now I am not suffering from any dandruff :). Let’s take the review of Cheryl’s Anagen Scalp Tonic.

Anagen Scalp Tonic Review

A closer view

Cheryl's Anagen Scalp Tonic Review

  • What the company claims?

Cheryl’s Anagen Scalp Tonic is specially developed to prevent abnormal hairfall. Contains multi vitamins B3, B5 & B6 and olive leaf extract. Refreshes the scalp, stimulates blood circulation & encourages growth of hair.

  • Price: Rs 650
  • Ingredients: As such not specified but it is written on the carton that it contains olive leaf extract and biotin.
  • Packaging: Anagen scalp tonic comes in a carton containing 7 bottles (ampoule) of 7 ml each. The bottles with nozzle are so cute and very easy to use. I reuse these bottles by filling it with my oil.

Cheryl's Anagen Scalp Tonic

Cheryl's Anagen Scalp Tonic Review

Open the ampoule and apply section by section on clean scalp. Massage. Do not rinse off. Use Cheryl’s Anagen Shampoo once or twice a week. Use Cheryl’s Herbal hair oil once a week. For severe hairfall, use 1 ampoule on scalp everyday. For less than severe hairfall, use every alternate day. For maintenance, use half ampoule every alternate day.

My experience with this product:
I was a savior for me when I was suffering from severe dandruff and hairfall. I applied scalp tonic twice a week. Besides using Anagen scalp tonic I took head massage too which reduced my dandruff and hair fall in one month. But I regularly used this tonic for 6 months and voila I have no dandruff now.

My likes:

  • It is so light and gives cooling sensation when applied on scalp.
  • It is herbal (my first preference)
  • Did not make my scalp oily as it contains water like fluid.
  • I love the fragrance.
  • Easy to apply
  • Decently priced


My dislikes:

  • I feel it made me addicted to it so I have started using home remedies whenever I suffer from minor dandruff.
  • Not easily available.


Will I recommend it to others???
Absolutely yes if you are suffering from severe dandruff and hairfall. But for minor dandruff I would recommend you to go for home remedies.


  1. It is good that particular product did wonder to u but u said it is herbal product & herbal products are not supposed to work in such high speed & if some product does miracle it sounds alarming to me 🙁

  2. you are lucky to have a good parlor wali aunty arnd … the one i go to is always busy selling her products to me so cant trust her. 🙁

    btw nice review 🙂


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