Chic Monthly August Lip Bag


Chic Monthly August Lip Bag

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We have had known about Anamika’s not so happy experience with the Lip monthly bag, but they made it up to her by sending her two bags instead of one. Well we recently had a giveaway and I can certainly say that Shruti must be on cloud nine on being the winner of the giveaway. Congrats Shruti, I hope you are enjoying the exquisite lip products.

Chic Monthly August Lip Bag!

Anamika sent me the other bag and I can’t thank her enough for letting me have a chance to try the lip bag.

Continue reading to know more about the bag.

About Chic Monthly August Lip Bag

The lip bag this month came in a Pink colored zipper pouch. Each lip bag subscription costs $12.95 and consists of four products. The bag that I got had a Star looks Lip Stix, Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil, City Color Lip Butter and So Susan Light Diffuser.

Chic Monthly August Lip Bag..

The contents are pretty satisfactory and are truly worth the money.

Star Looks Lip Stix

Price: $14.00

Star Looks Lip Stix

It is a new launch by Star Looks. I initially thought that it was a lip liner but later I realized that it actually a lipstick in a very sleek pencil like form. The Star Looks Lip Stix have a total of six shades. I got it in shade LL3 Dragon Fruit. It is a very bright pink shade that will flatter fair skin tones. Star Looks describes it as an ultra matte lipstick, however I find the texture to be very smooth and satiny and has a semi matte texture. It is very creamy, so much so that it would find it hard to survive in hot temperatures, I received with its tip broken and I believe it is due to the melting temperatures.

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil

Price: $25.00

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil - Pop

It is a fabulous lip product to have; at least this is how I think with the initial sight of this. These come in a variety of six shades. I got it in shade POP which is a gorgeous orange shade with obvious red undertones and has very fine silver shimmer particles. It is a bold shade and smells yummy. The lipstick is very smooth in application and feels very light weight.

Mirabella describes it as Creamy, moisturizing lip pencil with fluid-like texture glides on creating a flawless satin finish with intense, long-wearing color. BERRY FLUX VITA ingredients preserve skin suppleness, elasticity and tone.

City Color Lip Butter

Price: $3.99

City Color Lip Butter - Parfait

I felt very sad on receiving this lip balm in a severely broken state. And I seriously wanted to use every bit of this product but now I do not have much of it for me to use as most of the product has tiny plastic bits in it. I got it in shade Parfait out of all the six shades.

City Color describes it as City Color Lip Butter is a sheer, satin lip balm that adds just the perfectly natural hint of color. Infused with Aloe and Coconut Oil, Lip Butter will keep your lips hydrated and nourished all day long. Available in 6 tinted shades, each one will have leave your pout perfectly kissable!

So Susan Light Diffuser

Price: $18.00

So Susan Light Diffuser - Cocoa Dust

I am really excited to use this. The So Susan Light Diffuser in Cocoa Dust is a bronzer  highlighter duo. Though I would have preferred to have the bronzer in matte form , but never the less the shimmery bronzer too looks nice.

So Susan describes it as An antioxidant-rich, ground-breaking pair of colors that gives you immaculate, sun kissed skin while diffusing any harsh light at the same time. Use the shades separately to target sun-touched areas, or blend them together for the most exquisite multi-dimensional glow. Powered with Cocoa, Papaya & Kelp extract to help rejuvenate & heal fatigued skins.


This was all about the August Lip Monthly Bag. I am really looking forward to using these products. Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews.

Which lip product did you like the most?

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