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By Prerana Sharma,

Wow, CHICKENNNN…Chicken is my favorite…more than fish I can say  😛

There are at least 10 types of chicken recipe like Butter chicken, Kadai chicken, Goan chicken curry, Afgani chicken curry and so many more (My mouth is salvating while typing this:P ) if you are a Non Vegetarian, you can enjoy all these. But today I would like to share a recipe from Bengali kitchen, so lets start..

STEP 1 – First you have to marinate the chicken in salt (as per taste) and turmeric. Since me and my hubby loves chicken leg piece, so here I have used only leg pieces (6legs) but you can use whole chicken

Simple Chicken Recipes

Step 2. Now lets arrange the ingredients. For this,  make  paste with 2spoon cumin (Jeera) and  21/2 spoon of coriander (dhania) seeds in your grinder. The smooth the paste, better will be the taste, afterall the dominant flavor going to come in this curry is due to jeera-dhania paste

Chicken Curry Recipes

Step3 – Now make a paste of 2big onions, 9big garlic cloves, 2inch ginger and chilly according to taste.


Easy Chicken Recipes

Step4 – Make paste of 2big tomatoes.

Bone less chicken recipes

Step5 – Now chop 2 more onions and in a plate arrange the tadka items :- 1 small elaechi, 3-4 dalchini, 1 badi elaichi, 3-4 laung, 2 pinch of sugar (sugar is to give brown color to curry).

Chicken Soup Recipes

STEP 6.-Now heat 3-4 spoons oil in a non-stick kadai. Put the sugar 1st, when it caramelizes add the remaining items in the plate and after 30sec add chopped onions. Keep the flame medium.

chicken curry recipes

Step7 -When the onions have became nice golden pink to brown, pour the onion paste. Stir continuously so that it don’t stick in the kadai.

Chicken curry recipes

Step8 – When the onion paste appears to be fried and it starts to leave oil around it, pour the jeera-dhania paste.

Chicken curry recipe with pictures


STEP 9.– Once the jeera-dhania paste gets fried and starts leaving oil place the chicken pieces slowly, and coat the chicken with the paste. Put 1 more spoon of salt and turmeric. Close the lid of the kadai for 5min.


Easy Chicken Recipes

STEP 10. When the chicken gets little fried-fried feel, add the tomato paste and mix it well with chicken.

Few of must be shocked why tomato paste so late, it should have been added after onion paste!! That’s because if tomato paste is added earlier, chicken takes more time to cook and many a times it becomes fiber type and chewing becomes difficult. While if tomato paste is added after chicken is added, it doesn’t interfere with the softening of chicken.

Now close the lid and let it cook for 10min on low flame till the raw smell of tomato completely disappears.


Easy chicken recipe

STEP 11. after 10min, add a glass of hot water (hot water is better to add instead of cold water because  sudden decrease in temperature due to addition of cold water, lowers the taste of dish)

Close the lid, Let it boil in low flame for 10min more.


Best chicken recipe

STEP 12– Sprinkle a pinch of garam masala and a bit of chopped dhania patta(coriander leaves/cilantro). Serve with roti / naan or hot white rice.


Chinese chicken recipes

This is one simpel chicken recipe which I like to make every now and then:)

Which is your favourite chicken curry recipe?

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  1. Wow Prerana.., this is so nice and simple…. we are vegetarians at home and I can totally try this with paneer…. thanks for sharing it 🙂

      • I felt bad when I saw ppl carrying those meat pieces on cycles to the market and when chicken were taken in cages. And also the last time I had fish and when it was cut, we came to know the fish was pregnant. It felt really bad. So I’m satisfied with eggs now.

  2. wow prerna, this looks really delicious!!! will definitely check it out. thanks for the step by step instructions and the pics. and anamika, hi there, my new internet connection is a lil bit better than the old one. So, i will be putting up more posts and hey love the new layout too. For the entrance this time, I did get in, but won’t be getting the pg that I want. So, this time I have joined a coaching class(am gonna repeat) rather than sitting at home and studying. do gimme some support by visiting my blog yaar, i know I wont be putting too many posts as i used to, but I will definitely try, as this is a stress buster. anyway take care 🙂

      • this reminds me of an incident…a bunch of my guy and girl friends had gone for dinner and a friend ordered “Mumtaaz ki Taang” , a chicken dish…after finishing the dinner, when he saw the bill he could not find “Mumtaaz ki Tanng” in the bill…he got mad at the waiter for goofing up the order…after coming out he was still fretting “all the while i thot i was relishing on mumtaaz ki taang and it turned out to be ‘shahjahan murg’..cant feel ‘gay-er’ than this ” …. lol

  3. me love chicken too more than fish 😀 and chicken legs are so saxxy 😛 he he 😛 i make this chicken every sunday at my home 😀
    prerana try using a bit of khas khas + green chilli paste to it 🙂 taste increases many folds 🙂

  4. :silly: your blog has too many bongs around to escape easily 😀 but koi na we are generous we will let you survive 😛 we’d talk about chicken love :drool: :drool: :drool: in hush hush voice 🙂


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