Chinese samosa


This recipe is one of a popular Chinese dish.You can make it when you are planning to make chowmein .Its quick,simple and is loved by all.Good to serve when you have guest at home for breakfast .

First you have to make chowmein for it.Its recipe can be learnt from here

If your chowmein is ready then there nothing much left to be done.Things required for the preparation of outer layer of samosa are as follows:-

1Cup Maida(All purpose flour)
2tbsp ghee
1/4th tsp salt
1tsp corn flour(optional,it makes the samosa crispy )
Water to knead the dough

Step1:Take maida and add ghee(little hot),salt and corn flour into it.

Step2:Make dough with the help of water with a consistency which is neither is too lose nor too tight.

Step3:Keep it for 15 min

Step4:After 15 min take the dough and roll out small circles of 5” diameter from it.

Step5: Cut each circle into two halves and run a moist finger along the diameter. Join the edges of each semi-circle to make a cone.

Step6:Place a tbsp of filling in the cone and seal it by pressing it with your hand.

Step7:Repeat the same procedure for the remaining circles.

Step8:Now deep fry these stuffed cones in oil on low to medium flame till light brown.

Step9:Serve hot with tomato ketchup.


  1. oh my god. this is mouth watering. I wish i could have it. I was reading your tip to make low cal samosa and I ended up here and now I am craving for this.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  2. Thanks Shiva:)When ever you visit India you can come to my place to have any thing of your choice mentioned in this site.I lover serving food to friends:)


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