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On popular demand, presenting to you all Christian Dior – Flight Makeup Palette ( For Face, Eyes & Lips ) – # 002 Pink…tad ah….!!

Hello All

Please welcome aboard Flight No : VN’s Makeup Haven. We hope you have a very enjoyable and safe journey. This flight started at and will land in Vaishnavi’s make up bag! Because we try our best to be a little ‘hatke’ with your experience with us, we plan to make sure you stay seated during the journey!

christian-dior-makeup-palette-reviews+Christian dior makeup palette reviews



Detailing is an important section of our strategy and here you go with some that are sure to garner your interest :

  •  Price : ~ 2425 INR – I know it’s a little crazy, but I am sure all you makeup addicts will back me up here 😀
  • Packaging : now that’s what you can say bowled me over!!! I love love love the packaging. It looks super elegant with a white suede outer encasing and the “Remove before flight” orange tag.
  • Contents : it follows the minimalist method of stacking the 3 most essentials in the palette. I’m happy with them but I’ve seen another

Christian-Dior-Flight-Makeup-Palette-reviews+Christian dior product reviews


there CD palette at Izzy’s here with 6 eye shadows, a blush, mascara, 2 eye brush and 1 blush brush, 1 gloss etc etc as well. If you are carrying separates, this is great for you. As a standalone, it won’t help much

a. 1 blush

b. 1 lip gloss

c. 1 eye shadow

d. Blush applicator

e. 1 applicator for both eye & lips – bad, bad Dior L


A closer look at the colors

Christian-diop-eye-makeup-palette-reviews+Chrisitian dior product reviews



  • Usage-Now, I must tell you that I don’t do make up regularly. I mean I can’t do it every day. I only “dress up” for some specific occasions. The colors are pretty pigmented (especially the eye shadow) here and I can’t use it every day. I use this particular palette only when I am going out for a wedding in the evening or some such random thing.





  •  Blush : it’s a pink color, looks pretty cute and gives a hint of color to my cheeks. When I team this with a dewy look, it’ll give you a sun kissed look…but…(there’s a huge BUT here)….the powder is very flimsy and the fall off is permanent. I swipe once and there’s more color on the hand rather than the brush. I have used 2-3 brush to check if it’s the blush itself or the brush! It is definitely the blush 🙁
  • Eye shadow : this borders on the light purple, sort of an indigo shade rather than match with the other 2 colors. I don’t like this shade and it makes me look like a pale ghost! 🙁
  • Lip color : this is the best of the lot, adding a light pinkish shade to my lips. I love the way they add this shine to my lips. Blush + lip color is perfect for a summery look, with pink shades.


What I liked about Chrisitan Dior palette


  • The packaging for sure
  • The colors
  • I love the blush brush, it is soft and totally cute with Dior printed on it J
  • The sleekness – it’s not as sleek as Sleek, but it is definitely sleek (that rhymes) enough to carry around in a pouch
  • The mirror – the close case has a nice long mirror and is very useful for touch-up


What I don’t like about Chrisitian Dio Palette


  •  The price :(- if you want us all to buy it, make it affordable to us all !!!
  • Availability – ditto ditto comments as before
  • The whiteness of the case – easier to dirty it

Will I buy it again?

Maybe not at this price…lets’s see how the usage lasts!

Thank you for your journey on this flight. This is our first flying experience and hope to service you better! Please do let me know how to do so!!



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  1. wowowowow!! i was waiting to see this since when! m luvin the blush and the lip color….but how can dior give just one applicator to be used for 2 diff makeup products??? so weird!!

  2. gorgeous palette, vaish! The packaging is to-die-for!.. :inlove:

    love the blush and lipcolor shades, but the eyeshadow isn’t that impressive…


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