Christmas Makeup Ideas


Christmas Makeup Ideas

It’s almost Christmas time! Wow, time really passes with a blink it seems. I still remember the last Christmas I celebrated with my family and its again time to plan for the next. Not sure about what I will be doing to celebrate exactly but yes, I am sure I will not be going to bring the Christmas in with a plain Jane look!

This time, it needs to be some chic look fabulous eye makeup and sensuous look to make head turns towards me. What are your plans? I am sure you are also thinking like me.

So let’s see what all we could do this time to make ourselves feel better than the last year 😀

Eye Makeup:

Johara Expert Pen Eyeliner eotd

Let’s begin with the eyes! It is so correctly said that eyes speak volume. And for pretty and big eyes, there is so much to do all the time. I don’t think God has been kind enough on people with not so big eyes.

Glittered eyes

two eyeshadow eye makeup glittery eyes

Christmas is all about glitters, stars and gazes. How about going for glittered eyes with shimmer all around? You may choose any color of your choice to go with these glitters. Usually silver is advised as it gels with most colors and is easily blended as a base color.

Different Colored Eyes

glitter eyeliner

You may use colors other than blacks and golden to create a different look altogether. Using a teal color, for example, could fetch you more compliments than usual for being different. You can stand out of the crowd through such simple tricks, isn’t it?

Smoky Sparkling Eyes

MAC Damn Glamorous lipstick FOTD

You may go for this look without any doubt as it falls in aptly with your love for black and creating a special look with those glitters for Christmas! A wow combination for sure.

Soft Subtle Eyes

soft makeover

You may create a soft glazy eye look for yourself using this simple color as well.

Lip Color:

Now about the lip color to be applied! It is very important to team it with your attire for the day. Obviously the color has to be in tone of what you are planning to wear, but there is a lot that can be planned in advance. Like what? Read through!

Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Sheer Shame Lipstick lotd

You might want to order one of these palettes for the all night rave look! Just have a look at the color options. I am sure one of these will be on your mind already with the dress that you are looking to put on. With the four shades as offered by this very palette – Illamasqua Lipstick Palette, I am not going to look anywhere else and order it right away!

Illamasqua lip palette reviews and swatches+illamasqua lip palette price

Pure Christmas blend of colors that cannot go wrong with silver or a white or even a black gown or a short dress. Whatever you are putting on, just trust me that your lip color will add to your look immensely! Go for a kill girl!

Nail Color:

cuccio color nail polish higher ground

Eyes done, lips done, what about the nails now? Dressing up surely is a big ask. Sometimes I wish I had a beauty wand to swap colors for me and show how I would look with which color. 😀 Funny me!

Anyway, nail color has to be in tandem with your attire. Not exactly matching but for sure a close acquaintance to whatever you choose to wear.

With all the simple tricks, I am sure you would be able to resolve a lot of things. Do share your opinion on the above and help us improve!

What is your favorite pick out of these?

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