Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment Review


Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment

Hi Everyone

This is the first time I have come up with hair product. This autumn season gave me huge hair fall problem 🙁 . So I thought besides changing shampoos and conditioners I should give some hair tonic a try. Abundance of hair tonic are available in market , which one to pick? I searched on Google and read many reviews on various hair tonics, positive and negatives of those gave me headache, really.

One day I was discussing same with my friend and she told me she is using Cipla Tugain Solution 2 with HLK advantage and she was quite impressed with the product so I thought ok now whatever happens I am trying this after I read the review for same product in foam on some blog. And I got this.

Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment Review+hair problem


  • Price: INR 176 for 60 ml.
  • Ingredients: Minoxidil IP……………2.0% w/v, Absolute Alcohol…….63.0% v/v
  • Dosage:   1 ml have to be used in morning and night, 1 ml is measured by dropper, as the 1 ml is indicated  on dropper.

Direction to use:

1. Open the cap.

2. Remove the stopper.

3. Squeeze the bottle until the solution comes up close to the rim. Then release it.

4. Automatically, 1 ml of the solution will collect in the neck of the bottle. Remove it by using dropper.

5. Pour the solution from the dropper onto the center of the area of the scalp where the hair is thin. spread it evenly with your fingertips.

Let your hair and scalp get dry before applying solution.

Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment Review Ingredients+hair fall

My Take on Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment:-

The packaging is convenient plastic bottle with a cap and stopper, a dropper is also there in the pack which is used to measure the solution and apply evenly on the scalp. Easy to apply

I was hopeful when I tried first this solution as there will be some magic and my all hair problems will be solved after one application :-p.

Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment Review Stopper+care hair

I measured 1 ml through dropper and applied on my scalp. The application was easy . I use this solution only in night, as my oily scalp tends to become more oilier with the application. The solution has to be strictly applied on  scalp only and should not be dropped on the face or any other part as hair could grow there. I am using this from a month now but could not notice any difference in hair fall, growth of new hair is too far to hope. Still I will use this whole bottle in the hope of some visible results, I could just hope 🙁

Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment Review Solution+hair care

The solution tends to leak from the bottle even after I fit stopper properly as the solution came up on the rim after squeezing the bottle once don’t go back again in the bottle. According to the directions to use printed on pack  said automatically 1 ml will come up after squeezing is not true. Result a lot of solution is wasted .

What I like about Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment:-

  • The solution comes in sleek plastic bottle with a dropper which is used to measure 1 ml of solution and even application on scalp.
  • Contains Minoxidil ingredients which is the main ingredient in the hair tonics.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • I can’t find out any other pros as it didn’t get positive results for me.

What I don’t like about Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment:-

  • I found this ineffective in controlling my hair fall.
  • Solution leaks from the bottle.
  • Scalp tends to get oily.
  • I didn’t find any new hair on my scalp.

Rating: 1/5

Recommendation:  Those facing extreme hair fall can give it a try as the results vary from person to person.

Have you tried Cipla Tugain Solution 2 Hair Gain Treatment?

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  1. Hi, This product tugain is definetly a good product but should be used only after consulting a dermatologist. Hair problems can be due to various reasons. This product will show considerable reduction in hair fall after a minimum application for 3 months and for new hair growth you have to apply this product for minimum 6 months. It is a slow process but it definetly works . Minoxidil basically increases the blood flow to hair follicles as well as it lengthens the anagen phase( phase in which hair growth occurs) of hair growth.

  2. O No.. i started reading this with great enthusiasm that i have found some solution for my hair fall.. but Alas.. Thanks Ruchi..good review..

    • Hey
      I have been using tu gain for last 4 yrs . Yes obviously on and off as directed by my dermatologist. And this product is the only hope for people like me suffering from hair loss.
      I was suggested to use this solution by my dermatologist after I was suffering from huge hair loss just before my marriage as I had pancreatitis.
      I have always returned back to this product when I feel I am loosing hair. Trust me all those oils and shampoos claiming in curbing hair loss is just hoax only this product has helped me so far u have to use atleast one full bottle to yield its benefits.
      Thank me later.

  3. I’m a bit scared of such solutions. Had to use something similar to this long ago n hair started sprouting from my forehead :pain: :laugh: Nice review Ruchi

  4. Minoxidil 2% is recommended to females with loss of hair due to pattern baldness. Not sure if we should even use this as a regular lotion. It is not a beauty product.
    Also, please see that one should not expect immediate results, this is a long term solutions and like all long term solutions, this takes time. Wait for an year. Apply regularly.
    Please consult a hair specialist before using.

  5. I would also add that this is not a beauty product,minoxidil is a medicine prescribed by doctors only and its effect ( in long term use) are observed only while u keep using soon as u stop using it, the new hair falls out.

  6. Hi Sir! this is A.K. Singh from Delhi, i have suffering from hair fall, i consulted the doc and he advice me to use tugain 5 solution and i m using this product, after using this product i have a got another problem i.e. to much itching due to may be dandruff, i used different kind of product for dandruff bt no action, due to dandruff problem my hair is falling, kindly suggest me what should i do? should i leave the this product (tugain 5) or continue it….?

  7. Hi there! I could not agree less with Dr. Shweta Sehgal and Neha. This Solution has to be used after medical consultation only. And the effects wouldn’t start showing up after 45 days after the course of using this solution. I am using the Tugain 10 solution, but this one is for men and I am hopeful about the results.


  8. DATE- 23/6/2016
    hello my name is arun and my age is 25 i having problem of hair fall . doctor advised me to use tugain 10% solution 2ml in a day ( 1ml in morning and 1ml in night) and after that he advised me to prp therapy. i did the same thing as doctor said i use this solution for last one month it would not help i am so scared to use this and my hair fall cant stop but increases. please give me advised that what should i do.

  9. Hi,I’m using tugain from 2 months and it’s very effective in controlling hairfall.I noticed slight hairfall from my scalp before 2 months but now it’s controlled and all credit goes to tugai.Now,I’m in stress whether to use it further or not

  10. I have completed one month for the usage of tugain 2% lotion ,till now I don’t have any change in my hair fall.when I started to use the lotion that day onwards I have heavy hair fall compared to previous.

  11. Helllo.i am nitu from delhi..last 4 week se me tugain solution use kr rhi hu .
    Kya isko use krte hue me koi hair oil use kr skti hu…

  12. Hi,

    I am Shrikant ,and i am 45 years old I was bald 95%, Rich heal has advice me to use wig, but i was not willing, Then i consulted Dr, he advice me for Hair 4 u 10% lotion for 2 months and then for advice for Tugain lotion 10% (with this solution i have used for 15 days) which had given me very good result,Nobody can say that i was bald any time my young days are coming back, I am very much Thankful to Dr. Dermatologist Mr. Tawade Yashwant V at Camp pune (mitthal court)


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