Citronella Essential Oil And Benefits


Citronella Essential Oil And Benefits

Citronella Oil is majorly known for its insect repelling qualities. It is a type of lemon grass which is a boon for your health, your skin as well as your hair. It is a natural detoxifier which helps you clean yourself internally. This oil is a good appetizer which helps treat loss of appetite. It thus purifies your body completely to help you gain a healthy life.

And it is also recognized as a pesticide product and is actively used in such products. It is used to treat insect bites, and therefore, is mostly part of such tubes and medicines.

citronella essential oil

We will however look at its qualities as an essential oil. As an essential oil, it is mostly used in aroma therapy. It can provide relief from depression and allied problems like anxiety, headaches, stress and similar problems. It has also been found useful in menstruation cramps. The oil is beneficial for human skin as well as hair. Let’s see these benefits quickly; I am sure you would love the simple usage and the big benefits that result from it. The oil is some sort of a gift from the Mother Nature that gives us all the strength and at the same time saves us from the mosquitoes!

Let’s assess the benefits to our skin and hair now here.

Benefits for the skin

For the skin, its anti-bacterial qualities are quite beneficial. If applied on your skin, it saves you from mosquito bites. It also helps control boils, pimples etc. voila! Wish I knew it before. It also helps in keeping the glow on the skin intact through its retention properties. It also tightens the pores on the skin efficiently, making it smoother and shinier. This quality does not seem to be less than a blessing. It is for this reason part of various skin creams, acne control creams and even moisturizers.

Oil Your Body

Benefits for the hair

For hair, it helps in preventing excessive oil on the scalp. So, next time if you are wondering what else than baby powder could help you to eliminate the oily particles from your scalp, Citronella oil is your answer. You may also use it as a spray to eliminate oil.

It is also useful as a conditioner as it soothes and softens your hair quite effectively.

how to do home facial for oily skin (4)

If you suffer from hair fall and have less volume of hair on your head, you may try mixing this oil with your shampoo. This oil can help you have voluminous hair in a shorter span of time.  Wow! Isn’t it a real boon, specially for ladies who are suffering from postpartum hair fall?

Citronella oil also benefits your hair being a natural serum. If applied to hair, it helps entangle them and hence helps in less breakage.

I just can’t believe this time my research has led me to this useful a product! This is just amazing to know how one oil type can give you so many benefits just through simple application. So it is now saving me the opportunity cost of going to those expensive parlours for hair massage or skin treatments! Just wow it is! I am sure you are already thinking of purchasing it now. Don’t worry it is available easily from hair salons and skin specialists.

Do try it and share your experience with us! It is definitely worth a try, isn’t it?

Have you tried Citronella essential oil before?

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