Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review


Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set

 I was in search for an affordable yet good quality brushes like Ecotools. Since they are not easily available in India, I looked out for more options. Nothing really fascinated, Vega, QVS & the recently launched Colorbar brushes were HARD. They do not really do justice to their brand names which are known for their good quality products.

Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review Pack+brush set


Well, coming to the Claire’s brushes set, I just went into this cute girly store in DLF, Saket Mall wherein to my least expectations I found out this brush set in the cosmetics shelves. Clare’s is a US based accessories and cosmetics brand for girls and women ages 3 to 27. 😀 They have some very cute and tempting products which I am purchasing very soon. Anyways, there was a variety of color 7 printed design variety for the brushes like pink, leopard print etc. The one that I picked my favorite a black and white one.


  •  Quantity: 5 makeup brushes.
  • Price: Rs. 800.


Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review Price+cosmetic brush sets


  • Packaging: The brush set comes in a black in inside and white from outside brush holder case. This case is wrapped in a plastic clear case that has Claire’s cosmetics embossed on it with pricing and other details on it.


Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review Pouch+makeup brushes set


  • Brushes: The set includes – powder/blush brush, eyeshadow blending brush, eyeshadow brush, angled eyeshadow brush, concealer/lip brush.


Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review Details+makeup brush set


  • Bristles: There is no information of the material these brushes are made of, but they are extremely soft and very smooth on skin. The bristles are densely packed and no shedding till now.


Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review Brush Pocket+makeup brush sets


  • Brush Handle: It is made of hard plastic and feels quite strong and sturdy. They are neither too long, not the short ones. They are the perfect size brushes. Though, there is no name of brushes on the handle which is a disadvantage especially for beginners.


Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set Review Brushes+brush sets

What  I  like about Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set:-


  • Soft bristles.
  • Very affordable.
  • Comes with brush holder case.
  • Travel-friendly.


What I don’t like about Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set:

  • No mention of bristles hair.
  • No name for brushes on the brush handle.
  • Has only one store in India & not available online.

Will I recommend this to others? : Of course yes, I would say they are the perfect affordable best quality brushes that I have came across so far.  Ignore the cons, they are not related to the brush usage. Those who have held their money still for quality for price, try these on. 🙂

Will I repurchase them again? : Yes, but the different types now like a foundation brush. I already bought a Kabuki brush and its super amazing too.


Have you tried Claire’s Cosmetics 5 Piece Brush Set?

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  1. nice review bhavana.. there are two claires’ stores in Mumbai.. One in Phoenix MArket City and the other one in Infinity 2

  2. Thanks, iam Beginner, iam looking for afordable, good quality brushes, iam going to buy this for sure, but i dont know how much it is here in U.S?


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