Claire’s Cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES Review


Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES

Hello! Beauties.

Today I bring you yet another Claire’s Cosmetics product which is the false eyelashes. My love for Claire’s is increasing every day I see this store. I make sure I go check it every time I visit the mall ( even if its consecutive days 😀 ). I was out of eyelashes and actually eyelash glue. I looked up at several local stores but they showed me the cheap plastic-y kinds which I repel me. They seem gross and I wonder how to they even stay on the eyes.


Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES Review Pack+eyelash extensions reviews


  • Price; Rs. 350

Directions to use:


Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES Review Usage+best fake eyelashes


My Experience with Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES:

I love both of the variants of eyelashes though the lighter one being more as they are perfect for everyday use. The glue that comes in the pack is very tiny plastic bottle which works perfectly and will go a long way. Though, I am sad that one of my packs did not have glue. :-/ Anyways, I will buy more different types of eyelashes from Claire’s soon.


Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES Review+false eyelashes reviews




Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES Review glue+best eyelashes



  • The light ones are long and thin that enhances the natural eye lashes and great for day time wear. They are so light that you do not feel anything on your lashes at all. These are particularly my most favourite.


Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES Review light eye lashes+best false eyelashes


  • The second ones are more like party wear and suitable for occasional wear. They spread out thickly but yet feel very light.


Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES Review dark eye lashes+best fake lashes


What I like about Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES:

  • Soft hairs.
  • Feather light.
  • Sturdy, stays intact.
  • Comes with glue.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Reusable.

What I do not like about Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES:

I like everything about these. Love them! <3

Will I recommend it to others? Of course, if you like using false eye lashes, go grab them girls!

Ratings: 5/5

Have you tried Claire’s cosmetics GLAM EYELASHES ?

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  1. This review has come at the right time .i have been looking for some descent eye lashes..where can i get these Bhawna .?

  2. Ana, i understand that false lashes look glam. My natural lashes look wonderful with mascara (read it as apne muh miya mithu 😛 )
    You think i shud try these ? I never really thought about false eyelashes before today 😛


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