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Hey! Girls,

My latest craze is having my nails done. I fancy having them manicured all the time. A month ago I had Acrylic French Manicure done which came out so beautifully but it was expensive (Rs. 2600, OPI products) and lasts only a month, though they claim it will not go anywhere for 6 months but the natural nails outgrow usually after 10-15 days and the acrylic starts looking shabby! One cannot remove them properly  by their own and professional nail removal again costs Rs. 600. Though less expensive options are available at various other places in Delhi but they use cheaper brands.


Claire’s FAUX NAILS Review+fake nails


Ever since I got my nails done last time, I do not like to keep them bare, I love having simple yet appealing nail arts on my nails so I decided to look for a pocket friendly alternative. After enough researching I came across faux nails by Claire’s. I decided to pick one and give a try. The ones that I picked are with French Manicured tips and slight leopard print on top of them.


Claire’s FAUX NAILS Review details+press on nails review


My experience with Claire’s FAUX NAILS:

I wore these nails the day I bought them. It’s been 3 days that I have been wearing them and they are working perfect. I have not faced and cracking or nail removal as yet. I think they are a great quality for their price. The nails are 24, that means 4 extra which is great so that in case any is lost or damaged, it could be replaced. I tried to match the closest size that would fit my nails the best and some that did not fit quite well can be filed and cut to fit.


Claire’s FAUX NAILS Review glue+nail tips


Packaging: The whole set comes in a sturdy plastic casing containing 24 different sized nails and a nail glue. The overleaf has the details of nail application.


Claire’s FAUX NAILS Review package+fake fingernails


Nails: The nails are made of plastic and feel quite stiff and sturdy. They come in various sizes; making it easy for everyone to find their size. They are both hand and feet nails, isn’t that awesome? 😀


Claire’s FAUX NAILS Review nails+nails supply


What I like about Claire’s FAUX NAILS:-


  • Very affordable.
  • Good quality product.
  • Comes with glue.
  • Less time consuming.
  • Comes in variety of designs and colors.

What don’t  like about Claire’s FAUX NAILS:-


  • Too much work and water might just lead the glue stick out.
  • Staying power is maximum a week.


Will I repurchase them? Yes, I am stocking them soon with different patterns and designs.

Ratings: 4/5

Have you tried Claire’s FAUX NAILS?

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  1. 24 nails, thats really good for me, the one with having extra fingers, i love faux nails for my toes, but my problem is in some, thy are only 10, but i need 11, i have one extra finger to my right leg, i vl chk it out in claires, if toes ones are also in more no, i can buy 😀 , by the way bhawana, the are really looking good on ur nails, nice review, love animal prints 🙂

  2. always wanted to try some of these.. faces have a good collection of such nails.. stays perfectly for 3 days sounds osm.. wud love to try them now.. lovely revu :))

  3. I bought two of these yesterday and to my horror the glue was dried up! I went and replaced and glue was dried up in the replaced package also. I was very disappointed.


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