Clairol Herbal Essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel Review


Hi Girls 🙂

Today I am reviewing about Herbal essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel   with French lavender and jade plant extract, it is a styling product for those having curly and frizzy hair. But mine is a  soft and straight hair…… you may be thinking why I bought this? Well, this a gift from my aunt, so I thought of giving it a trial. It comes in a attractive purple tube and the product is a transparent non- sticky gel with a mild fragrance, it just glides on hair and a small pea size amount of it is sufficient for medium length hair.


Clairol Herbal Essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel Reviews

  • What the product Claims :I’ll keep frizz from making big fuzz and lock in your waves and spirals smoothly with my weightless formula fused with extracts of French lavender & jade plant. I make all those humid days feel like a spring breeze.
  • Usage :Work a little bit of it through wet or dry hair. Scrunch and shape to lock curls in place. Blow dry on low heat with a diffuser. For more definition, use your fingers and air dry instead.


Clairol Herbal Essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel Reviews

  • Ingredients: Water, PVP, Laureth-23,VP,Lavandula Angustifolia(lavender) Flower/stem/leaf extract, Crassula Argentea leaf extract, Fragrance,Triisopropanolamine, carbomer, methyl paraben,DMDM Hydantoin, PEG-12, Dimethicone, propylparaben,Disodium EDTA.
  • Cost : $1.25

My Experience with Clairol Herbal Essences 


curl scrunching gel Reviews

After washing my hair, when its still wet i rub small amount of it in between my palms and then work through my hair and air dry my hair (I don’t like using driers all the time….mostly I avoid doing so). As my hair is straight it did not do much to my hair, it just worked like normal gels (more or less similar to LIVON). It made my hair manageable added little volume. But, whenever I feel like curling my hair (occasionally) with rollers. I apply this gel to hair, roll my hair with rollers and wait for 20-30mins, remove rollers and blow dry it .It holds the curls really well.

 These are the rollers which I use

 curl scrunching gel Reviews

What I liked about Herbal essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel

  • Works well for curly hair. It makes hair Manageable and adds volume to straight hair.
  • Controls frizziness .
  • Very light and non sticky.
  • Holds curls effectively.
  • Price is very cheap.
  • Fragrance is good.
  • Works for both wet and dry hair

What I don’t  liked about Herbal essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel

  • Holds curls only for short time.
  • Contains parabens.
  • No SPF
  • No much use for straight hair

Rating : 3/5

Will I re-purchase Again : No, this is not for straight hair people. I would recommend it only for curly hair.

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  1. have not used this yet.. but i am pretty disappointed with their conditioner.. i have curly hair.. and i bought the totally twisted conditioner thinking it will enhance my curls.. but it has done no wonders.. in fact even as an ordinary conditioner it is a let down, doesnt really nourish or feed my thirsty frizzy locks..

    • Zeee… my soul sis.. I was thinking that too… finallya herbal e pdt that actually works (or works for a short time)!!!! I have tried so many of their shampoos, conditioners…. big big big disappointments :pissedoff: :reallypissed:

      • i kno ya Mals..i hate their stuff…they just make my hair fall prob increase and my hair strands becoma all plastic-y…wot a waste..but f this one works then id luv t try it..kaasg it wud b in india too..

  2. It works for a few ppl .. it doesnt work for a few no? coz i have really thick and curly hair and so frizz is a part and parcel of it.. I alternate between herbal essence and matrix and it works well for me.. What disappointed me was the loreal one 🙁

  3. I feel like buying this just for the purple packaging 😛 . But it wudnt do me any good since i hav poker straight hair. Yet when it comes to shampoos, herbal essences is my all time fav brand! 🙂

  4. yea sri…purple is my fav color 🙂 . Ive been using herbal essences since i was in school… and at that time they had only 1 variant.
    Wat kinda hair do u hav sri?

  5. Me toooo!! In that case, try herbal essences drama clean. Its got a lovely fragrance (in fact all their shampoos smell awesome!). U can also try herbal essences body envy (currently using this 1 n loving it 🙂 )

  6. Ill second this, I know its a case of working for some people and not for others but for me its the best product of this type I have ever used.


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