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I got a few gifts in advance this year from my folks.  Most of the products were from Clarins and I will review them one by one.  I had previously reviewed Clarins White Plus HP Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser.  It is a wonderful cleansing product.  The remaining products I would like to categorise into two. One being daily skin regime products and the other products for a wonderful home facial. Yes, Clarins has products designed for a facial in the comfort of your own home.

The entire Clarins haul right here –


Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream+clarins products in india

One by one I will be reviewing the products in the facial and then the skin regime…There are 3 products needed for the facial…

  • Gentle Peeling – this is an exfoliator in the form of a cream for sensitive skin. There are no microbeads in it. Need be on for only a minute and then u have to just lightly scrub / peel it off to reveal clean, radiant skin. (step 1)
  •  The Hydraquench Cream mask -  it is an oasis of comfort for devitalized skin.  It’s soothing creamy and non-drying formula restores the ideal moisture needed to balance dry and dehydrated skin in just 5-10 minutes.  It is suitable for people living in all climates at all times! ( step 2)
  • Toner – to remove the mask and finish the entire process. ( step 3)

About Clarins Products :

Clarins uses the most active plant extracts because a plant can boost the properties of another. They combine in the same formula, (AromaPhyto)  aromatic essential oils and plant extracts with treatment benefits specially selected  for their complementary and ideal synergetic actions.

Today I will be reviewing the  Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream+peel off exfoliator

  • Price:  INR 1765
  • Quantity: 50 ml


Exfoliation once or twice a week is an essential part of a skin care routine to enhance the complextion  and make it radiant.  Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth away cream, is suited for Normal, Dry, Combination and Oily skin types.  It smoothes away impurities with natural clay, delivering immediate radiance to all skin types, even the most sensitive. Soothing Primrose extract helps maintain an ideal pH balance to ensure clean, comfortable, radiant skin.

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream+sensitive skin exfoliator


Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream+smooth away exfoliating

 Acitve Ingredients:

  • Primrose: The oil contains fatty acids is used for skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
  • Great Burdock: Found in temperate climates the composition of the elongated root exerts a purifying, cleansing action. It has long been used in traditional medicine to relieve skin infections such as eczema and acne.

The product is silvery grey in colour and you can warm it a bit in the palm of your hands and then apply a thin layer all over the face avoiding the eye area.  Wait for a minute and then take it off with light sweeping movements working outwards from the middle of the face.  Rinse with warm water and then move on to step two that is hydration or finish off with a toner. Preferably Clarins toner with Chamomille and sans alcohol. (without alcohol)

It will leave your skin feeling very clean, ultra soft and generally much smoother. Since it contains clay extracts I am tempted to say that it can be drying to skin that is already dehydrated. Hence, hydration essentially becomes step 2.

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream+Gentle exfoliator


The exfoliation process is extremely gentle and my skin did not have any reactions or irritations.  This is apt for those like me with sensitive skin.  Honestly, its been over a year since I did any exfoliation cause  it does irritate my skin and that is why I appreciate this exfoliator with primrose extract and I will keep on using it.

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream+primrose scrub

  • My rating : 4/5 ( only because of the price, I can live with the parabens )

In India Clarins has 3 more exfoliators:

  • Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Microbeads                               INR 1765 for 50 ml
  • One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract                INR  1400 for 125 ml
  • Bright Plus Gentle Brightening Exfoliator                                                  INR 2000 for  125 ml

What I like about Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream:

  • AromaPhyto products
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Suited for Sensitive skin
  • Well known, high Quality brand
  • Works in a minute
  • Instant deep cleansing
  • Exfoliates without abrasion
  • Hardly any fragrance
  • 30 uses from a 75ml tube @66 Rs. per time! ( Can’t help calculating )
  • Attractive packaging

What I don’t like about Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream:

  • Expensive
  • Parabens
  • Availability in all Indian cities

Have you tried Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream?

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  1. wat a haul christina..i ha always wanted to try clarins products but backed off as theyr too expensive for me..but now am planning to get atleast one product

    • Buy skin care not makeup. research the product after u have tested it then buy it….got back from lko shivangi…..there is no electricity there for at least 5 hours daily and then one day the north east grid went bust and it was horrible. we left the house and went and sat in the malll…..terribly hot…

  2. my folks sent it from kuwait 🙂 it works so well this peel off exfoliator. ive been using it once every week and it doesn’t redden the cheeks or nose….Whatever i have tried is effective really…. ya costly but then but just one thing and stick to it for the year instead of 5 or 10 cheap things that all add up to one expensive fab product .


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