Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation 04 Golden Beige Review


Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation

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Today I am going to review my first product from Clarins which is a great mousse foundation for everyday usage. I am going to try more products from Clarins in near future for sure. Clarins is a brand with class and quality. Do check out my review for sure.

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Review+matte foundation


About Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation 04 Golden Beige:-

Experience the magic of this skin-perfecting, mousse-like foundation that seamlessly glides onto the skin for a flawlessly smooth, “air-brushed” complexion. Line-minimizing Acacia Micro Pearls hydrate skin, trapping moisture to fill fine lines and enlarged pores, while Soft Focus Pigments optically minimize imperfections, giving skin a velvety-smooth and healthy-looking radiance. Uses the technology behind our best-selling Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.


Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Details+best foundation makeup

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Information+mousse foundation

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Ingredients:-

>Silicone gums combined with Silicone oil give the texture an unrivaled melting, supple quality for an easy, instant application and a soft, non-oily feel.

>Plant triglycerides of plant origin with lipid restoring and nourishing benefits, reinforce the skin’s protective film.

>Micro-pearls full of water act like hydrating micro-patches so skin’s upper layers are continually hydrated.

>Essential Wax of Rose Flowers have calming and protective properties.

>Vitamin E provides anti-free radical benefits.

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Ingredients+best makeup brands

Price: Rs 1800 for 30 ml, I got this for Rs 1620 on discount.

My Take On Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation 04 Golden Beige:-

This is my first product from the brand Clarins which I got from an online shopping site. Choosing foundations online definitely is risky but I have had good experience in past and I could not stop myself from purchasing this mousse foundation. I have medium wheatish skin tone with yellow undertone with few freckles on my cheeks. Mousse foundations are mainly formulated for matured skin desiring light to medium coverage with main concern focused on refining of pores and fine lines. Though I am 25+, with few small visible pores and fine lines, I still love using mousse foundations. I do not prefer complete coverage foundations on today basis and mousse foundations cater to my need. They give light to medium coverage with air brushed effect.

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Package+long lasting foundation

  • Packaging: Clarins Mousse foundation comes in bulky semi transparent glass jars with a silver screw on cap. Brand name is embossed on the surface of the glass jar which is housed in a red cardboard box. A small spatula is provided with it for taking out the foundation for each time usage, its very similar to the ones provided with hair removal creams. A pamphlet is provided inside the carton with loads of information regarding the ingredient, usage and benefits of Clarins Mousse foundation. Overall the quantity of foundation is pretty good for the price and will last me for a long time. However I find the jar to be quite bulky and not so travel friendly, thus I would scoop out small quantity and transfer it to a small container and would prefer to take that while traveling.

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Spatula+clarins foundation

Shade Selection: Some seven shades are available in this range which would suit people with neutral and beige skin a lot. The shades are:

00-Ivory beige

01-Soft Vanilla

1.5-tender Beige


04- Golden Beige



Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Product inside+make up foundation

I got the shade golden beige which is perfect for medium neutral skin tones. This shade is not a perfect match for my skin but it does not look odd, it neutralizes my yellow skin tone and looks quite natural. I will get the shade ‘Terra’ next time.


Its not a fragrance free product, it has a faint refreshing fragrance which I loved very much. Its not nauseating kind and stays on for some time.

Texture, Application, blendability & Finish:

The texture of the foundation is really like a mousse, Indeed very soft to touch. Its silky soft in feel. The moment you glide it on your face, it blends in a jiffy without getting cakey. It contains silicon oil so you wont need to use a primer underneath this product, it’s a foundation cum primer which makes your skin very soft and smooth to touch. Its hydrating and imparts a soft glow to the face. It looks very natural on my skin and the best part of it is that it refines pores and fine lines like a primer. It gives semi matte finish which I prefer in my foundations for day today wear. Matte foundations can make one look aged but semi matte finish foundations give a youthful appearance. I use this foundation with my fingers, I dot it on my face and blend it with my fingers. Even at Clarins site a video is uploaded where the model blends the foundation with her fingers for even complexion. One can also use flat top kabuki brush or stippling brush for using it.

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Hand Swatch+makeup foundation

Coverage & Staying Power: It’s a medium coverage foundation which blurs my freckle marks and conceals post acne parks effectively. I am satisfied with the coverage and the air brushed effect it gives. However, if used in more quantity it can give a faint white cast in flash photography. It stays on my skin for the whole day without any need for touch ups. I have normal to dry skin and I cannot comment regarding its performance on oily skin people. Its water resistant and will last for a long time in summers without melting. It’s a foundation which gives picture perfect skin whole year round.

Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation Golden Beige Review Blended Hand Swatch+foundation makeup

What I liked about Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation:-

  • -It’s a primer cum foundation with silicon oil.
  • -You wont need to use a primer underneath this product.
  • -Packaging looks damn attractive and classy.
  • -A small spatula is provided with it for using it to take out product with each use.
  • -It contains Vitamin E which is good for skin.
  • -It contains flower wax which soothes skin and thus good for sensitive skin.
  • -Quantity provided is huge for the price.
  • -It refines fine lines and pores.
  • -Imparts natural looking medium coverage.
  • -Conceals post acne marks and blurs freckles effectively.
  • -Gives air brushed effect,
  • -Blends easily and never gets cakey.
  • -Gives semi matte finish with a soft glow.


What I did not like about Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation?

  • -Available only at Clarins counters across India.
  • -Glass jar is bulky and not travel friendly.
  • -Price is on the higher side.
  • -People sensitive to silicone based products may not like it.


  • Packaging: 3.5 out of 5
  • Shadewise: 4 out of 5
  • Texture & Finish: 5 out of 5
  • Coverage: 4.5 out of 5
  • Staying Power: 4.5 out of 5
  • Price vs Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Availability: 2.5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? Yes definitely but in shade ‘Terra’.

My Overall Recommendation: Clarins Instant Smooth Mousse foundation is one of the best mousse foundations I have used till date. Its a primer cum foundation which evens out my skin tone, neutralizes my yellow undertone and refines fine lines and pores effectively. Its a medium coverage foundation with semi matte finish that conceals post acne marks and blurs out the freckle marks. It gives a soft glow and blends easily on my skin with fingers without getting cakey. It gives air brushed effect and stays on my skin for the whole day.I did not like the bulky glass jar packaging, except that I would Highly recommend this product to all of you.


Have you tried Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation 04 Golden Beige?

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  1. Nice review :-)) Clarins is a brand that has always worked for me and this one looks good too. What is your foundation shade in MAC Taps?

    • Oh cool, i have read your reviews and am going to try more clarins products in future! I am NC 37 in Mac and in mac face n body i use C5

    • Thnaks a lot dear! Among all the mousse foundation this was fluffiest and most easy to blend, it worked like magic on skin, before purchasing i was doubting if i would like it or not, but after using all my doubts were cleared! It was worth spending on it


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