Clarins Toning Lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomile


Clarins Toning Lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomile   Clarins Toning Lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomile+dry skin toner

  • Price: 1,270
  • Quantity: 200

What Clarins says about its Toning Lotion with Chamomile

Alcohol-free toner — with gentle Camomile, Alpine Herbs, and Linden extracts — removes every last trace of cleanser, leaving dry or normal skin pristine-clean and perfectly radiant. Softens, soothes and smoothes irritations. Preps skin for the Clarins treatments to follow

Active Ingredients :

  •  Bio-ecolia: preserves the skin’s natural balance.
  • Alpine Herbs: soften.
  • Linden: refreshes, soothes.
  • Camomile: softens.
  • Vitamins A, B, E: improves skin quality.
  • Sunflower:  rich in essential fatty acids, rhe oil and wax from the seeds have moisturizing and protective benefits. The oilcake has soothing properties. Auxins present in the sunflower stem have firming and toning actions.
  • Linden: essential oils from this plant have anti-inflammatory and protective components. Among these is quercetin, a flavonoid well-known as an excellent free radical scavenger. Linden extract is one of the constituents of Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex.


Clarins Toning Lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomile+non alcoholic toner   I always thought toners were’nt necessary but after a bit of research and some self trial I realised that it made a big difference to my  skin. A good toner will gently reset the PH balance of the skin. After cleansing your face, the skin’s PH level often gets unbalanced.  Your skin will take about half an hour to do so on its on and in that time oily skin continues to pump oil and dry skin will shut down – hence the ‘tight’ feeling after cleansing dry skin. By toning, you calm and balance your skin.  A toner is basically the last step in your cleansing routine.

  • A good toner acts as a humectant – attracting moisture from the air and trapping it in the top layers of the skin.
  • A good toner will help in the absorption of products put on top of it.
  • It  has the added bonus of saving you money cause then you won’t need serums.

So then can we call toners the first step in the moisturising process and not the final step of the cleansing process??? Eh ladies???

Clarins Toning Lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomile+good quality toner Clarins Toning Lotion is the 3rd product to be used in the Clarins home facial. ( The clarins facial and haul is coming to you soon in another post).  It is very good for those with sensitive skin.  It’s apt for those with dry to normal skin. It contains  NO  alcohol, so it’s not drying in the least.  What ever the season…this toner is a winner!  I use this with a cotton pad at night before moisturizing. If I use makeup then after make up removal. Oh by the way, don’t go over a certain part of your face more than once.  You are not vaccuming the carpet. Always, only swipe once! This is a yellow liquid and has a lovely fresh fragrance and it’s not irritating in the least.  Will not irritate sensitive skin or a sensitive nose.  Clarins scents are natural and botanical, they are not synthetic, so people who cannot normally have scented products can often use their line.

What I like about Clarins Toning lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomille:

  • Great product from a high end brand
  • No Alcohol
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Tones skin without that dry/tight feeling
  • Removes excess makeup and dirt from the neck
  • Packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly

What I don’t like about Clarins Toning lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomille:

  • Expensive
  • Parabens


  • My Rating: 4/5 ( deducted a point for the price)

This is only the second toner that I have tried after Clinique and its well,  the best toner so far! I will definitely stock up on it.

Have you tried Clarins Toning lotion Sans Alcohol with Chamomille?

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  1. nice review christina.. first of all i couldn’t find out the white plus- brightening cleanser which u reviewed… is it avalia online?? 😕

    • vijitha I don’t think Ive seen these products on line…but I do know that clarins has started home delivery in Mumbai…02232671173 . you can speak to shabina and ask her for any alternate ways to procure their products……..She knows me…..


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