Clarins White Plus HP Emulsion Review & Swatches


Clarins White Plus HP Emulsion

White plus range from Clarins is fairly a new range in the market. This range is basically targeted at the fair skin obsessed lot. But it definately isn’t the Fair and Lovely like products. It does give the fair share of brightness to skin but in a very subtle way and not chalky and patchy. It works like the cult product of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which brightens up the face and gives in a glow to the skin.

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This product is mainly a day moisturiser that keeps your skin soft and supple throughout the day. Comes with basic SPF 20. So its good if you not going out and just at home. It doesn’t give that chalky and whitesh effect on the face. It’s a light moisturiser. Works very well on me during summers. Winters I may need something more moisturising.


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How ever it tends to get a little oily on me on very sultry days. Its oils free but I wonder how? It’s a rare case. Maybe I use a lot of product on me. I need very little quantity as its a little thin consistency. People with oily skin, you will need just a dab for the entire face.



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It is a light fragrance which is not irritating at all. Comes in a bottle with pump (Full size one), so is hygienic but bulky for travel.


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I got mine free at a Clarins Event sometime ago. But I will definitely consider buying it as soon as I am through with it. I love it. This small tube of 15ml has lasted me over a month and will last for another 10 days atleast. So very little quantity is required even for dry skin like mine.


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What I like about Clarins White Plus HP Emulsion:-


  • Good light moisturiser for dry skin. Superb for oily/combination skin.
  • Brightens the face and gives a glowy / dewy effect.
  • Has little SPF for day / indoor purpose.
  • Hygienic packaging.
  • Last long


What I don’t like about Clarins White Plus HP Emulsion:-


  • Its very light consistency. May get a little runny sometimes.
  • Tends to get a little oily on me if more product is used. I have to ensure its just a little.
  • Bulky to travel with.
  • Expensive


  • Overall rating: 4/5
  • Will I purchase again: Yes, I will for my summer use.
  • Where I got it from: Free, at a Clarins Event
  • Price: I got mine trial version free. The full size pack should be close to INR2000/-
  • Recommendation: Yes it’s a good buy and becomes value for money considering you need very little. Dry skin people can definitely give it a try. Oily skin people can consider it for winters and very little for summers.


 Have you tried Clarins White Plus HP Emulsion?


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  1. i luv clarins for my skincare..i loved dis one for d glow but it made me super oily 🙁 thts y i shifted again to my trusted shiesidio emulsion :-))


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