Classi and beautiful hand made Jewelery design

Every day some or the other blogger inspires me.It feels great to go through some one’s creativity.It takes a lot of patience, effort and talent to create something unique.Buying things are always easy but creating them  involves lot of effort which many of us don’t even think while buying them.
I recently got in touch with Harjot.She is a Jewelery designer and what attracted me towards her is the passion which she has in making these beautiful pieces.I hardly see these kind of pieces here may be because we are too much gold and diamond obsessed but now I am seeing little change in today’s generation and I am glad this will uplift the motivation of talented people like Harjot.

I asked Harjot if she can allow me to post some of her master pieces and she happily agreed.

These are Swarovski Crystal Earrings which has Tanazanite AB Swarovski Crystal Heart14mm, Honey AB Swarovski Flower 12mm , Gold Beads 2mm and a chain 2mm .I think both these pieces are a master piece and they are fabulous.

These are sea passion bracelet which can be worn  season after season and you do not have to be specific too while wearing them.It has classy H Jewlery genuine Swarovski crystals which are hand made by her.Also If you spend $50 on classy H Jewlery you will get a free Swarovksi necklace worth $30 value absolutely free.

This is princess Bracelets which is of $35 and have
Swarovski Bermuda AB 8mm

Swarovski Light Purple Flower 10mm 3mm
Swarovski Fushia 1mm
Swarovski Butterflies Honey AB 10 mm
Heart and Star Glass Beads(Pink and White) 12mm
Blue and White Glass Beads 12mm
Pearl Glass Beads 8 mm
Round Glass Beads 10mm 8mm 6mm
Gold Chain
Gold Spacer
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  1. Mee too loved the earrings the most..They dont look fake at all otherwise I find these kind of earring pretty fake which are available in market.


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