Classic Collarless Shirts For Sophisticated Look


Embroidered collars and the stylish prim Peter Pan collar were all the rage last year, but this year the world moving towards collarless. Collarless shirts and blouses give a more comfortable, Mediterranean feel than the stiff business collar. This look can be high necked or plunging as it’ll provide embellishment for the collar.

  • Why Go Collarless?

Because these collarless blouses and shirts are simple, elegant, and one can find them in numerous colors beginning from pastels, neon’s to darker ones. The other benefit of these is that they’re flanking, perfectly apt for this summer seasons. Moreover, collarless clothing proffer great versatility, as you can simply pair them with any cut of trousers. So, add certain sophistication to your complete look by wearing these classic collars clothing piece.

  • Collarless Shirts:

Get a sophisticated look by wearing collarless shirts now. I know you must be bored wearing the same shirts again n again, but you don’t need to wear them again as new trends are coming. You can wear collarless shirts with any kind of trousers or office skirts and you are ready for your office. It’ll give you a new but sophisticated look. These shirts were all around the catwalk this season, so transform your daily formal stiff shirts with these collarless shirts. If you don’t have a collarless shirt you can simply fold the collar of your shirt inside. 😀 it’s a great way. 😉

collarless shirts

  • Collarless blouses:

For a playful day you can go for collarless blouses as they look really stylish. Also there are sheer collarless blouses available and I recently bought one. 😀 You can pair it with denims, shorts or colorful pants. You can go for neon or emerald colors as they are really “in” these days plus it’ll also give you summery feel. 😀


So, this season give relief to your neck and go for collarless blouses and shirts. The collarless blouse is all about fresh/clean lines and natural cool – perfect for hot days ahead.

So How Do You Like The Classic Collarless Shirts?

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