Classic Purple Smokey Cateye Bottom Lid


Hey guys, I’m Lali, from veruzkas and Anamika let me borrow you for one post! This makeup it’s a classic for me, I adore using purple because goes with any colour and shape of eye!

My secret it’s this: are you doubting? Go with purple! I’ve done it so many times and in some many people that I’d lost count! But it worth every time!!


Classic Purple Smokey Cateye Bottom Lid Face+eye shadow make up



Classic Purple Smokey Cateye Bottom Lid FOTD+how to do eye make up


In this makeup I’ve used Tako and Posion Plum from Sugarpill, as eyeshadows, as well with a matte black from Avon to do the smoke. Doing the cateye I’d use to colour, a purple eyepencil, again from Avon, and a black pencil – your favorite brand goes perfect!

Classic Purple Smokey Cateye Bottom Lid EOTD+eye make up ideas

Classic Purple Smokey Cateye Bottom Lid+eye make up


Put some mascara, if you want some false lashes and make sure your lips are seductive pink!

Thank you Anamika for let me use your space for a while!



Did you like the purple eye make up look?

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  1. Oh my! Killer lipstick fo sheez! Welcome to wise she lali. Loved the look totally. Which liner have you used on ur water line? Its an intense black.

  2. Goodness , the contrast of the purple and black totally suits your eyes – such a pretty mix of colours your eyes have! ^_^ Adorable.


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