Clean And Clear Face Wash Or Garnier Face Wash


By Nikita,


I am a 16 year old girl with extremely sensitive and oily skin.I read so many reviews here but as I am not allowed to spent on expensive skin care items 🙁

Can you sweet didi’s tell me wether I should go for Clean and clear face wash or Garnier face wash?

Clean and clear face wash review and Garnier face wsh review



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  1. m also hvin a oily n sensitive skin n it dint suited me it jus ruined mah face earlier i ws gettin some pimples but now m hvin a acne prone skin its jus horrible

  2. hey Nikita, i have used clean and clear but i didnt like it on my dry skin. u have oily skin but if u have the option of garnier i would suggest you to go for garnier :-)) :-)) i have good experience with all garnier stuff i used

  3. :-/ :-/ yaaa. i thought men creams are said to be more concentrated (as shahrukh tell us in the ad dat ladkiyon waali cream wont work on men coz theyare mild) so i thought i shd give more extensive treatment to my skin

    BTW, i meant all the garnier stuff dat i used ….u alien :alien:

    • just imagining what will sharukh says if he knows this(about girls using boy’s cream)
      Ladkiyo ki fairness cream laga raha hai
      kal nail polis lagayega parso lipestik…. lehnga lapetle

      And i like how that guy dances with his lehenga
      hehehe just kidding

  4. :razzmad: :razzmad: :razzmad: :razzmad:

    i am sure u must have felt like killing me for this..but dont think bad when u r fasting..take deeeeeppp Breath :D:D :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

  5. o yaaa….. but m not thinkin or saying anything bad to anyone m just honoring you with you much deserved name u :monkey: :monkey:

  6. well i m using clean and clear +it is good for my combi skin………sumtimes i switch to lakme citrus blast , himalya face wash, patanjali soaps they are also cheap options……..i prefer clean and clear more

    i think u try both of them see which suits u ! coz different skin reacts to the products differently

  7. ya my 2 year keeps me busy nowadays i keep running behind here !

    u know past week she got my makeup bag ! she finished eating my two mac lipstick burjois eyeliners painted my walls with maybelline lipsticks and glosses and mixed my foundation with eyeshadow and blush………….!me had an heart attack

      • yes infact this is the thing all kids and toddlers love to do……….my daughter always wants her nails done to match mine .!!!!!!!!!!i have to buy chapstick for her ……no matter where i hide my cosmetics she finds it anyhow and make a good artpiece of it!
        gal if u r planning to have kids ……….first install a big size saftey vault for ur cosmetics………..

  8. Hi Nikita, I too have very sensitive & oily skin. I would not recommend clean & clear as I found it too harsh. I haven’t used garnier. But I would totally recommend Himalaya face washes. I would recommend the exfoliating face wash & the hydrating face wash. Both clean really well & are really gentle. However I haven’t tried the other himalaya face washes.

  9. I also feel that clean & clear is kinda harsh and as of now my H&G face wash has become my homemade mixture of gram flour, haldi, liquorice and some more herbs 😀 … I know this is off the topic but can some1 tell me a facewash which would wash basic make up such as foundation, lipstick and etc ? I don t mind using the make removers for my mascara and eye shadow but something milder for foundation and concealers will be nice 🙂

    • don use facewashes for cleaning makeup girl..they never work that much.remove makeup with a mild cleanser or jhonson baby oil and then was it off with a face wash.

    • I swaer by Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash too. It worked wonder for my oily acne prone skin. i know many who also loved it. Clean an Clear made my skin too dry and I never liked Garnier products 🙁 🙁

  10. i have used both of them and personally i feel if u have super oily skin like me and prone to acne pimples during summers then clean & clear is better option, i have been using it since 2yrs and i swear by it. well, it do not cure exsisting pimples nor remove pimple marks but surely will prevent future outbreaks if used regularly twice a day :-)) :-))

  11. hey i have problem of skin tan.
    my skin tone is uneven
    m searching for some good product wich will help my skin tone come back to normal.

  12. ello nikita,i can suggest you garnier light face wash or lakme citrus blast hey both work good for oily skin even pears pure & gentle.i havent actualy used clean & clear so sorry but i hope whatever i have suggested comes useful to you (:

  13. garnier is the best brand in evryway….
    and m using it from last 3 years…..
    by using it from long time… it helped me in making my complexion fairer

  14. hello everyone i suggest you to go GARNIER neam facewash i used from last 9 month and it work very very cute way so nice i use many type of facewash but its soooooo lovly


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