Clean and Clear new launches


Clean and clear has introduced its new Black head clearing daily scrub with its old face washes and acne cream , gel and moisturizer range.

Clean and clear products are specially designed to be effective yet gentle.And they are oil free so they won’t blog pores or cause skin problems.

Clean and clear Black head clearing daily scrub

Clean and clear acne clearing cleanser

Clean and clear acne clearing moisturizer

Clean and clear foaming facial wash

Clin and clear skin balancing moisturizer

Clean and clear deep action oil control face wash

Clean and clear oil control film

Clean and clear acne clearing gel

Will you like to try Clean and clear new launch?


  1. yup some of them are there that is why i mentioned about the new launch of black head removal:)

    i have not tried any of these except there face wash which was quiet drying ..have u tried that?

  2. hey i use clean n clear foamimg face wash in summers, since my skin is too oily i dont feel dryness
    but in winters i stop using it coz in this season it really dries up skin..

  3. oil control films seems new to me. Is this too new launch? May be now i will have better control on my oily face in summers!!

  4. I saw their Black head clearing daily scrub at one of my friends place, It was 20 g tube but I did not find any ingredient list on it.

  5. hehe..i don need to search u as u r already invisible in the virtual world..but i was expecting yur comments in the morning..this is what i check early in the morning most of the time..yours and mitra comments:)


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