Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula Review


Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula Review

When I came to India in 2004 to start my married life I had little knowledge about the culture and problems faced by women in the north.  It was once I started cooking that I noticed sweat dripping from my eyelids and I remember phoning my dad and saying ” Dada, in India sweat comes out of the eyelids also !!!”.  Wearing a Salwar Kameez was another sweaty affair. Not only did one have to wear a gown but big baggy pants with so much of extra material between ones thighs!  Top it off with that big blanket one has to drape over ones chest. uuuuuuuuuufffffffff !!!

Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula Review+powder for vaginal infections

You hardly found jet sprays at that time. That is the hand shower you use to wash your self while using the toilet.  So combine all of it, the  sweat, excess material, heat in the kitchen, sanitary pads and place it between you legs……….oooooooo…..There is pure trauma happening in that area.  It leads to itching, warts, weird discharge and what not!  Most women suffer from a constant wetness in their most intimate area. It is a persistent problem that makes daily life very uncomfortable.  It is a major cause for lack of confidence in women in the work place as well.

  • Price: INR 69/-
  • Quantity: 100 gms


Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula Review+private part itching remedy

Intimate washes are a common thing now but in powder form well this is the first that I have seen.

This product contains Clotrimazol.  it is an antifungal medication commonly used in the treatment of fungal infections such as vaginal yeast infections.   It is apt to use on humid days when you know that the sweat will cause your thighs to rub against each other.  It can also be used when you are using a pad because the wings of the pad scratch.  If you are suffering from any kind of discharge that may make your panty wet and again cause irritation and scratchiness, this powder is an ideal product.

Dust liberally before and after you wear your panty.  Not into, into ‘IT’ but around ok.  That’s all!  Use it like normal talc.

Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula Review+talcum powder for scratching between thighs

You can also find the following variants in India:

  • Clean & Dry Intimate Wash with PH Balance Formula (100 gms)  for 100 Rs/-
  • Clean & Dry Intimate Cream (15 gms) for 59 Rs/-

If you use this and develop skin rash, hives, blistering, burning, itching, peeling, redness, stinging, swelling, or other sign of skin irritation please discontinue it immediately. You could be allergic to Clotrimazol.

Some tips for better personal hygiene:

  • Have bath daily.  Before you hit the bed shower every night.   Body Perfume and Hair Perfume is not a substitue for soap and water.
  • If you do  not have a jet spray in your toilet install one. If you have one use it!
  • If you don’t have one and cannot install it either then I will give you an easier solution.  For the plastic pipe measure the distance from your nearest tap to the commode.   Keep and extra half a meter so that  it can go around you and enable washing.  Then go to the hardware store with the measurment and buy the pipe. Ask for the rubber tap connector and if you like the nozzle for the end.  You will hae a jet spray in less than 100 Rs. Pictures below.
  • Wash your self after you urinate each time.  There should be no residue of urine on your panty at all
  • After you are done washing, wipe yourself with a bit of tissue.  Keep a roll in a dry place in your wash room always.
  • Then use a panty liner so that if there is any discharge later it will not get onto your panty and will not stain it.  BTW not nice to show your husband stained panties.  Real turn off !
  • If you can’t get panty liners then fold some tissue into the shape of a liner and place it and use it the same way.
  • You can dispose and make a new one as many times as you like during the day.
  • Many women who do not do this emit a foul urinish odour when they walk or spread their legs.
  • Do wash your self as soon as possible after a bout of sex unless you are trying to get pregnant.
  • Avoid sex during your period and if you can’t don’t forget to wash soon after
  • Keep a little bottle of sanitizer and tissue always in your bag.  When you go to a public toilet flush first, then wipe the seat with some tissue and sanitizer and then sit on the toilet seat.  If you can stand that’s even better
  • You can use some cologne to refresh your self also if any odour persists.
  • Please once you reach 30 or if you are sexually active in your twenties, go for a Cervical and Breat Cancer check up.  Don’t crib about the cost of the tests, save for it and go. Health is Wealth!
  • Men can smell a woman’s body odour better than the woman herself.  Absolutely not in order to have a designer dress and painted face and stink when you move about!  Just not nice!


Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula Review+home made bathroom hose

What I like about Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula :

  • Effective
  • Cheap
  • Easily avialiable on line and in pharmacies
  • Much needed by women across this country
  • Easy to carry around
  • Stylish packaging
  • Can be used by women of all ages

What I don’t like about Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula :

  • Nothing Really

Have you used Clean and Dry Dusting Powder with Soft Sheild Formula?

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  1. Dint even know this existed! Ive usually used the feminine washes nly…dint kno there were powders available too 🙂

    Very helpful Chris!!

  2. Great write up Chris! my mom has the same theory ‘ Absolutely not in order to have a designer dress and painted face and stink when you move about!’. she has always been conscious about this. will follow these tips and tell her too! thanks for sharing Chris!

  3. terrific write up chris !!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    one more thing, for vaginal discharges, please visit ur gyno, and get ur system tested .. and as much as possible, keep that area dry.

  4. nice article.. its time somebody wrote about this… Nobody buys panty liners.. all you can find is one or two imported brands.. cz nobody buys them those dang little things cost more than normal pads 🙂 .. :guns:
    i didnt know that men had this much olfactory powers… 😉
    designer dress and makeup plus… stink… hi hi… so true… :rotfl:

      • I wanna ask saomething…my vagina clour so dark…nd my body clour like wheat clr…when i see my vagina i m feel so embarased because its too dark….i hate it…i want to ask..clean n dry powder can help me to change the clour of vagina…???

  5. i heard that talcum causes cervical cancer.. so i dont touch it for years… nowadays doctors also advise against it in baby girls too… ?:-)

    • ya very few women use liners. cause they are expensive but when i paid for it in Euros too it was almost the same….But the cheap alternative is to make one outta tissue…so handy and change it the next time you are in the loo. change it 5 times a day……but panty liners all of us witll think ten times! talc causing cancer.oh no….I havent heard of this but I don’t think u should put it inside. just like around the thigh area. thats enough…n talking bout cervical cancer…all women above 30 ahould do a pap smear basically a check up for cervical cancer every year and a Breast cancer check up!. I just did it. it saves u alot of stress.

  6. Pap smear, Pap test, cervical smear, smear test all one name for a test used to detect cancer in the female reproductive system.

    If detected you can treat and prevent cervical cancer. It’s called PAP cause it was invented by Mr. Papanikolaou!

    They use this thing to open the vaginal canal and collect cells from the outer opening of the cervix of the uterus and stuff. Then its checked and any abnormality is detected.

  7. Oh another thing, If you are with your spouse or partner… and if he is going to insert his fingers into you please make sure they are washed WELL. It should not be that he got the grocery , repaired the car, washed the dog, cut his nails and then came straight to you !!!!

  8. Such a nicely written n informative post :yes: :yes: Ppl ususally fail to discuss such topics since they consider them taboo. Bur yea…things have changed so much n after all, soo many women do face such issues. Thanks for a lovely post dear 🙂 :hug-makeup:

  9. Hey christina its an amazing post. 🙂 .and yeah in india vaginal hygiene is very uncommon…i guess i have been using powder and washes from my junior college…Earlier an ayurvedic wash was available with rose water etc ..washes have changed and currently i am using lactycd…but powder till date is candila. Women in other countries are more aware about personal hygiene and one gets a host of options to choose from..
    Vagisil, Equate(brand by walmart),rephresh..I see to it that i stock up on these whenever someone is returning.,..and yeah shamelessly order them too..i use the wet wipes specially designed for our intimate areas after using the toilet and spray EV-a toilet seat sanitizer before using it!!!

      • Yeah we do get wipes..I prefer that to toilet paper..coz as Christi points out there are no jet sprays in toilets or it becomes just to messy…the one I use has a mild scent and maintains ph balance too…

  10. ok the toilet seat santizer sounds good. I should ask someone to get it…Any Indian companies tuning in………………please we need a toilet seat sanitizer…in spray form please!

    • Hey surprisingly toilet seat sanitizer is available in india…check out medplus or nearby hyper city..and costs just 79 :laugh:

  11. really informative post.. i m an 18 year old college goer and a regular visitor of dis blog… today i cudnt hold back myself from commenting after reading dis post….. WELL DONE….. ( :female: ) ( :yes: )

        • well you shouldn’t use like baby wipes or intimate wipes too much in that area cause it kinda hampers the environment there. The body has its own way of cleaning and blah blah n wiping with these kinds doesnt give the body time to use its own immunity.

          Normal tissue will not effect you in anyway. Just don’t flush big handfulls of it at one time!

    • Oh its cheap too 🙂 thanx chris .. love ur posts, ur always soo informative and helping 🙂 am damn sure you might be a super mom 😛

        • aww you’re a teacher.. :yes: so now i know why you are so detail oriented and very clear.. 🙂 well, am a teacher too 😛

          • Thanks Shale……no Janani I’m not worrying bout kids. If they happen good. if they don’t good. Either ways God has a plan for our lives he does the best thing…

            What do u teach Shale? I teach western classical music. Guitar and Piano…….

            • Chrissy, teach me Piano !!!!!!! such a magnificient instrument.
              Not many ppl have this outlook abt life the way yu do. Way to go girl !!!

              @shale: Communication skills and spoken english !!! again Wow!!!! Do you organise corporate level teaching ?? I’ll send over my manager there. :rotfl:

              • why is ure manager a DUD Janani?

                Just today I observed a very senior executive in my building. Must have a salary of at least 20 lacs a month. anyways so we are both waiting for the lift and as the lift is approaching, he runs to get something from his flat and so I said ” would you like me to hold the lift for you?’ and hes like “ya” and he goes and comes in some 1.15 secs and then gets in and gets off. opens the lift door leaves it and it almost banged my face!

                So what’s wrong is he should have said Yes Please thank you when I asked him if i should keep the lift for him. SEcond he shouldve entered and said thank you again.

                then he should ve held tthe door for the next person to come out and then let go of it so that once it was in my hand I couldve closed it.

                If he runs a company….with these kinda manners………..Gosh I would’nt wanna work for him. It’s disgusting the number and degrees of MCPs we have in India!

                    • ok .. first of all this my new mgr .. before he was formally introduced to the team i heard him on the phone he just said “that like that and all i can do” i sniggered !! 1 hr later he told me he’s my new mgr.. i went to the loo and burst out laughing , realising that he spoke english by translating it from his mother tongue !!!! this is why i said i’ll send him for spoken english kls from shale !!!

                      yes Chris, Ana, ppl mostly educated ones lack a lot of etiquette and basic courtesy, ppl have forgotten words like thanks, welcome, please ..

                      Erica, Ayu .. they behave so cause they can remote ur lives, thro ur performance rating, appraisals, promotions .. Ah, don get me started.

                      Zee, I loath my HR, he’s an A-class Ass.. chamcha for my DM, and roams around with such self importance that i don understand if he’s just another employee of the company ya owner of the company .. And I have had very bad experience with HR.

                      So totally you know my halat. !! :-((

                    • Zee is a HR for such a big company, so she might understnd how HR’s in big companies work .. I tho believe she’ll be a charming one !!!! 😀 😀

  12. Wow! Christina, super informative post…i really was thinkng of using it but was searching on net for its review….n thanks for reviewing it on wiseshe.Its a very useful post and to be frank i could have never been able to write it as it really need guts. :yes: :yes: :highfive:

  13. Another use for the powder I just figured is….since it is kinda roughish and it should be that way to absorb all the moisture, well it is ideal to use when u are plucking your eyebrows and waxing ure upper lip at home. it is just like the chinese threading powder!!! i used it on saturday before a function…..hip hop facial waxing strips and clean and dry intimate powder! awesome duo !!!

  14. can i use this product if im pregnant, coz it contains this antifungal ingredient clotrimazol ( it is safe to use ) ?


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