Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energizing Lemon Review


Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Energizing Lemon Review

I was happily waddling around my favourite mall and I saw these cute looking face washes on offer. There were three flavours apart from the normal Clean & Clear and I was dying to pick one up. Cut to the moment when I popped one into my shopping cart and sneakily stood at the counter.

I was so jazzed up to see these super-cute face wash bottles.  I think I was sold right there.

  • Quantity: 50 ml.
  • MRP: INR 50/-

Also the fact that the colour was YELLOW, which I love, adore, cherish. At least for this summer I do. With pictures of lemon.


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Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facewash

I came back, hot from the outing, and immediately opened the bottle to pour some on my palm. It lathered a bit, and I washed my face with it. I was very surprised to say, I absolutely loved the lemony scent and the lather, which left my face very clean without feeling dry at all. I also noted a very nice pick-me-up feeling that ran through my mind, and I was quite happy about it!

I deliberately bought a small bottle to see if it worked on me, and I have to admit, it does work on me, and I love the scent. I think this will be my go-to face wash for the time being.

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Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facewash Review

Now, about the face wash. The company claims that the face wash has lemon extracts and Vitamin C globules in the face wash which will leave my skin looking fresh and clean it up. It has. The other claim that they make is that this is oil free, and will not clog my pores. Yes, and Yes. It has not broken me out, and I have not got a pimple since I started using it. In fact, I think, this is rapidly becoming my “morning” face wash, the one you generally pop out to wash your face in the day, or wash during the day time, or even when you’re feeling pretty tired and just need to wash your face.

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Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facewash Energizing Lemon

I poured a bit on my palm, and do you see the lone golden bead? It is supposed to have Vitamin C in it. I don’t know if it does, one of the peeves I have about the product is that the small size does not mention the list of ingredients, but it does work very well on my skin, I have to say. I can give you pictures of the back of the pack which lists the benefits of the product and how to use it, though. I hope that helps.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facewash Energizing Lemon Review

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Also, a lovely pic of the side with the immersed golden granules.

The scent of the product is really nice and citrusy, and it stays for an hour. Which is one thing I really love. The other thing is the flip-top cap and the travel-friendliness. As this is a tiny little thing, I can pop this in my bag, and it is VERY sturdy, so I have no fear of having a disaster inside my bag.

Fills. Me. With. Happiness.


The after-effects of this face wash are also good. Since it does not dry out my skin completely, I can safely say that the natural oils of my face starts coming back by the end of an hour or so, a fact I LIKE because I do not like the face washes which dry out my skin. The other thing is, the fragrance is very light and nice, so it is not bad for those who have sensitive nose (my sister, for one, does, and she ADORED this). She also has semi-dry skin, and she says it does not irritate her skin or dry it out too much. So I’m guessing this one’s a winner?

Clean & Clear Facewash Review

What I liked about Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash

  • Cleans my face without drying
  • Lovely mild lemony fragrance that lasts an hour or so
  • Very travel friendly
  • Super cute pack with flip top for great hygiene
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Gives my face a nice little glow just after I was, which stays for an hour or so
  • Supposed to contain Vitamin C
  • Oil-Free and wont clog pores
  • Very reasonably priced

What I did not like about Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash

  • No list of ingredients attached to the pack I bought
  • The scent might not be to everyone’s liking

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I purchase it again: If this runs out, YES. Though this won’t in a month at least, and by then, who knows?

Have you tried Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash?

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  1. Poori don’t do this to me!!!! I saw this range of 3 facewashes n i had to tear myself away from the counter n resist picking one up. I have a TON of face washes to finish. But as soon as i’m done wid them i’m SURELY picking this up :-))

  2. I wanted to try this but my prior exp with C&C was not great so chucked the idea…I now got myself this Faces foaming face wash..

  3. Nicely written Poorna.. I had seen this at H&G but resisted my temptation.. I have loads of face washes to finish first.. My SIL has this in berry flavor.. 🙂

  4. This sounds so fresh with the lemony smell n the beads :-)) but Clean n clear doesn’t suit me in general so i better stay off this. 😛 Nice review poorna :-))

  5. i picked up all 3 variants and loving each one of them 🙂

    My hubby too totally in love.. he too loved the lemon one the mosssssssssst 🙂

  6. nice review and very good pics poorna.. lemon looks refreshing.. i have used clean and clear long time back good for acne prone skin, lil drying though

  7. Supah review.. Proorna! 😀 :yes:

    the new C&C is really tempting to try.. bcoz of the attractive packaging and ads.. and after ur review it sounds good to try product. Thou i love the original C&C and have finished many bottles of it.. so expecting this to be a lil better! 😉


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