Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review


Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Hey Everyone

It’s time to introduce a new face wash from Clean and clear which I have been using since three weeks now. What attracted me most about the product when it reached me was its color. It has soothing very light pink plum color which appealed me .

clean and clear brightening face wash

What is really interesting and good to know that clean and clear keeps coming out in good variant every now and then these face washes are great for those who have oily skin especially in summers.

This face wash specifically, contains rose water which helps take away all impurities. You would also fall for the bubbly gel like me once you use it. Yes! It is in a gel like consistency neither very thick nor very flowing. It spreads on your palm easily and once you apply on your face, it sticks to your face with its less-lather formula. It cleans your face well and you do not feel itchy or scratchy after using it. What really amuses you is that though it does not lather, your skin still feels loved and pampered. So even if you do not prefer lather-less face washes, I would recommend you to try it once as it might change your opinion.

Also, it contains glycerin and cinnamon which are popular ingredients in skin care..You must have seen me using those in my DIY skin care videos as well.

brightening face wash clean and clear

My Thoughts about Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Its basic ingredients are glycerin and honey which make it a suitable face wash for all skin types. Both the ingredients helps in giving brighter and even looking skin.If your skin is prone to acne then it will reduce the occurrence. These ingredients are basics to help keep the face hydrated, soft and supple. I did not feel the need to moisturize after wash which justifies the above ingredients well. But people with parched skin might and should moisturize as it might not give the same results to them.

With rose water, as I already mentioned above, you are assured of all impurities being washed away and you do not feel bad about your skin at all. Rather it works well on clogged pores to clean them and bring out a better washed skin. The glow on your face would also speak for the rose water content once you try it.

Regarding packaging, the product comes with a nice cap packaging which closes tightly and is therefore portable. You can easily carry it wherever you go without worrying over any spillage.

The fragrance also is really superb and mild to please you. The price is also very pocket-friendly as it retails at INR 110 for 100 ml bottle.

face wash clean and clear india

As per me it is an ideal companion for your daily as well as travel needs as it is portable and reasonably priced so as to fit into your budget without burning a hole into your pocket.
Do try it and share your views and opinions. For me, it is now going to be in my shopping list for sure.

P.S. – I tried the all new Clean & Clear Natural Bright face wash in association with If you want to reveal your natural brightness you can buy it here.



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