Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Wash Review


Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Wash


Hello friends,

I am back with a review of a product which is a must have in every woman’s kitty which is closely associated with intimate hygiene..Yess..girlsss..You guessed right…It’s a feminine wash that I am going to review today.


clean & dry intimate wash


About Clean & Dry Intimate Wash

Clean & Dry Intimate wash is FDA approved. It is pH balanced and has natural Aloe gel extracts to protect, cleanse and brighten your vaginal area. It keeps away itching, irritation and other infections, so you feel fresh and confident all day.

Price: Rs 100 for 100ml

Shelf Life: 3 years from mfg. date



clean & dry daily intimate wash  ingredients


Directions to use: Wash your vaginal area with this wash daily. Shake well before use.

My experience with Clean & Dry Intimate Wash:

Packaging: This intimate wash comes in a white opaque plastic bottle with a dark pink flip open cap. Packaging is average.

Product Color & Texture: This intimate wash is transparent and has a gel based consistency. The gel is not very runny which makes its use quite easy during bathing so that it doesn’t spills from the palm.

Honestly, I have never used a single product from this range of intimate care products before as I was using Everteen Natural Intimate wash gel from the time of it was available online and was very happy (and still is..!) using it. One day while browsing an online portal I spotted this intimate wash and thought of giving it a try once. So I purchased it.


clean & dry daily intimate wash


Well, the moment it reached me I went through the information and the word ‘lightens’ caught my attention as it was not some fairness product as per my belief. It was supposed to be efficient in cleansing the vaginal area properly and not to lighten that part of body. So, it was then and there that I got skeptical about the product but I had to give it a try once so that I can come to an assuring review about this feminine wash.

So, this intimate is clear transparent liquid with a gel based consistency. I need to admit that after I used this product there was a momentary cooling sensation down there which was odd for me as nothing of that sort happened during my whole tryst with Everteen intimate wash.

This intimate wash consists of SLES and due to which it lathers very well leaving the intimate area fragrant but it is not healthy as intimate area is very sensitive and the use of chemicals for the fragrance should be avoided on that area to reduce any chance of infection.

So, for me the product was not at all comparative to the one I had used previously and I am glad I used it so that I will never recommend this wash to my female friends & female family members.


clean & dry intimate wash swatch


What I like about Clean & Dry Intimate Wash:

  • Re-vamped packaging is good than the previous one

What I don’t like about Clean & Dry Intimate Wash:

  • Opaque bottle packaging
  • Lots of chemicals & SLES
  • Lathers very well
  • Gives a strong fragrance

Product Rating: 1.5/5

Will I repurchase/recommend Clean & Dry Intimate Wash?

No, given the cooling sensation produced after using this intimate wash and the list of chemicals I can read on the bottle, I am not recommending it to my near ones and neither to all of you beauties…!

The concept of lightening the intimate area was just too stupid and beyond my understanding, so I am not going to spend a single penny on such claims.

I find it difficult to empty more than half of the bottle so I don’t think I’ll be buying it again..!

Have you tried Clean & Dry Intimate Wash?

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  1. I agree these are really important, thanks for the heads up will skip this , btw I also like everteen one a lot and shall stick to dat :))

    • Yeah the new packaging is better than the previous one..! but this is too harsh for the intimate area.!

      Thanks a lot Nafisa :-*

  2. aww such a feels so bad na when product turn out to be such a dud..
    and you know watt right now te commercial of this product is coming on TV and Iam telling my hubby how useless this product is..and he is like WTH? 😀

    • Actually I didn’t had high expectations with this as I was satisfied with my everteen wash but so many advertisements on tv made me think to use it once..!
      Believe me after using this wash I told my hubbs the same thing..! :-p 😉 he was like.. “Hmmmm..okay” :-p

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