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I read this bathroom cleaning tip in a magazine and it really worked for me.It is inexpensive and there is not much of hassles in making it.All you have to do is to make a concentrated solution of bleaching powder and water.Use this cheap cleaning product on the stained surface , wash basins or on bathroom tiles which are not metallic.Apply the product and leave it over night.

Wash and clean it the next day.It really works ..Just try

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  1. actually it gives me immense pleasure when I clean bathroom…but ow don't ask me to clean yours also:P
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  2. Thanks Rutba…thanks for commenting and letting me know that you follow Wise She..

    I use some Ayur bleach..but you can use this tip with any local or branded always works..

    Hope to see more of you in the comment section


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  3. anamika.. itni khushi milti hai to sabki help karni chahiye na 😛
    see.. rentu ko bhi pasand ni hai! lolzz 😛 😛 kidding

  4. hi Anamika

    Following your blog for past a week. Well your tips work a lot.

    Can you please tell me which brand (of bleaching powder) you use ?

  5. hahahahaha… omg…navratri shuru bhook lagna shuru 😛 chahe baaki time poora din kuch na khao! 😛 fast time pe hi aisa hota hai! hahah 😛
    karwachauth pe kya haal hota hoga 😛

  6. I love India because of this..aaj poooja ki sab friend ekkhte hue..feels great:)
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  7. saara time make up me jo nikal jaata hai! hihihi! 😛 kapde choose karo.. bangles choose karo… etc etc 😛 waow i just miss india 🙁

  8. Hey Anamika, Thanks a ton for prompt reply……Now onwards you always find me in comments section….

    Even i have been through archieves also 🙂


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