Cleaning tips-How to prevent colors from fading while washing clothes


Bold colors are in fashion but all these clothes look beautiful until it fades away. Especially Indian kurtis even if they are of best of brands, most of them lose color. Here is a simple, inexpensive and quick remedy to prevent colors from fading.

Add 2tbsp of white vinegar in the water in which you are going to wash your clothes. You can also add 1 full cap of vinegar in your washing machine to make thing simpler. Your clothes will not lose color, they won’t even smell and will get hygienic too.


  1. I wish u had posted this a week ago – A new kurti I got frm FabIndia got spoiled coz the color bled! I will def do this for the rest of my clothes 🙂

  2. Ohh!!! Its hurt when fab India kurtis gets spoiled..You can even dip them in lukewarm salt water to maintain their color if you are falling short of vinegar..This one is for you only Tanz:)


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