Client Weight Loss Progress , Testimonial & More


Client Weight Loss Progress , Testimonial & More

One of our client was sweet enough to send her weight loss pics. She is doing amazingly well and has sent her weight loss pics progress.These are her progress pictures of one and half month. Also, she has severe back problem and is mostly resting. She rarely goes out for walks due to this problem.

Tummy weight comparison

Here is her testimonial

Well this was over due. I was irritated too much with PMS so couldn’t manage anything then.

I have successfully finished a month of dieting* with Tarun and all it feels is amazing. The word dieting here is used for eating cheese, chicken, butter and paneer. Lolz. I am scared to write how much I have lost I guess she will upload the pics of my weighing scale and that will be enough. Touchwood* I didn’t want to start the program because of how few dieticians give different herbs, or several things that are not easily available and they ask you eat that. Whereas this plan with her is easy is what we eat daily and I being a terribly lazy person is able to do. No hard n fast rules and easy stuff. One of the best things, she is always there to follow up and reciprocate. I am learning a lot from my diet plan and everything every day…Thank you weight loss team 🙂

abdominal weight comparison

It’s just been a while and the response have been amazing .We are so thankful to each and everyone of you who have trusted us and joined the programme and seeing the result.

I am here sharing few of the  things which we keep in mind and what makes our weight loss programme different and  which actually works.

Our meal plans are most nutrient dense.We make sure you get the right calories with all the required nutrients.We share some fantastic, quick and easy way of having greens.Can you imagine having aloe vera or spinach leaves in your smoothie well we make it possible without making you feel yukk .

Smoothie weight loss wiseshe

Cheese, eggs and greens  – Recipe contains your favorite ingredient , greens and proteins and it will fill you up. Of course  our dietitian makes changes in the recipe and recommends you as per your lifestyle and your medical history.

greens for weight loss

Ever had cauliflower cheela..One of the secret filling recipe which we recommended our client who loves cauliflower.

besan cheels weight loss

Our clients drool over for our meal plans and wait for every week schedule.It’s not a diet plan its a lifestyle change which you will value for lifetime. After joining our programme you will  never be stuck with ideas of what to cook and how to lose weight .Come and join our drool fest , lose weight and get back your confidence:)



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  1. wow that’s an achievement in just one and a half months 🙂 this is the best customised weight loss program which allows you cheese, probably the only one 😉


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