Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System & Clinique All About Eyes Review


Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System & All About Eyes

I showed you my Clinique haul here . Like I said I was suffering from acne break-outs after almost 6-7 years and I was surprised. During an inane conversation, I was told that someone has a crush on me which is erupting on my face as acne. If someone has a crush on me, might as well tell me; rather than cause me break-outs. What logic is that anyway?

I went to the Clinique person with my concerns: dullness in the face, dark circles and lack of skin care system. I would randomly use anything that sounded interesting, except for a forth nightly application of FE’s Narangi & Nagkesar facial ubtan to shake up my facial skin once *grin*

Sonal, the Clinique SA analyzed my skin and told me horror stories :

  1. Large – open pores
  2. Dark circles (I knew, but I am mortified it was so DARK)
  3. Blackheads on the nose (yew!!!)

I was told I am a skin type 3 – combination skin to oily skin. I agree with her description of it ‘fine by cheeks, oily on forehead and t-zone’. Totally agree with the assessment and she suggested the following:


  1.  3 step skin care system for skin type 3 Rs 1850 for a month’s pack
  2. Clinique all about eyes Rs 1775

Well, I have used it for the last 4 weeks and I think I qualify to write this. Without much ado, here’s how it fares with me:

  1. 3 step skin care system – type 3

This is their USP product. Clinique claims to give me clearer, glow-ey skin instantly and over time with this system. Considering I need a sunscreen on this system, I think it’s a great idea. I like all-in-one’s.  The pack includes Facial cleanser, toner (pink J) and DDML. About the packaging – cleanser and DDML are in screw top tubes. The toner is in a bottle with a screw lid, dumb idea as it generally spills more than necessary.

My experience with Clinque 3 steps skin care system :-

It has truly turned me brighter. A neighbor commented I was looking bright at 9PM while buying veggies (so I believe it is working) after a 12 hour day on my feet. I think that’s pretty awesome. It also lessened, or stopped, the occurrence of acne/pimples. And I am so grateful. I have to check with Sonal this weekend for the pores.

 Oh, one thing I don’t like is the smell of the toner…reeks of alcohol and I am generally gasping for a whiff of fresh air L

 What it didn’t do was take away the blackheads; I am now searching for a solution to that. Not that it claimed to remove, but I was hoping for miracles!

 Clinique all about eyes review:-

Clinique-all-about-eyes-for-all-skin-types-+clinique all about eyes review

The cream is a nice peachy pale pink hue that I loved. It also comes in a screw top tub packaging which considering how it should be applied makes sense. No use thinking that it should be a tube/pump as the product quantity is really low. The texture is thin and watery which blends very well into the skin.

 How to apply it : pick up some product from the tub in a ear bud and spot it around the eye area. Pat it with the thumb pad.

 I have been using it very religiously in the morning, but I simply can’t do the routine at night. Generally my body feels like its playing twister and my head has gone to bed, which means that’s where I will go soon after food. I can’t probably comment on its effect as I have heard that it takes 2 months of regular application for some visible sign. Considering my habits, I think it will take 4 months. I’ll wait and watch but one thing definitely is : it reduces any puffiness around the eye area and gives a cooling sensation.

Now for some brags: on a whim & on account of my birthday (thank you for this post Ana:) . It felt so good, you have no idea and yay for more makeup!!!) I shopped for some stuff online…list below:

  1.  – Acai Berry & Mango balm from Burt’s Bees, Plum lip balm from Korres
  2.  – Matrix Biolage Anti Dandruff shampoo , Wooden detangling comb and Hip Hop nail polish remover wipes
  3. Lush : 6 face packs (Ana’s snaps here

Pictures of these, my accessories haul & Kindle show-off when they arrive home!!! Waiting for it? Jealous???

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  1. Vaish i thnk i’m suffering from amnesia, i dont remember if i wished you or not, anyways Belated wishes darling!

    I am going for this system next, can you tell me if this system or the Proactive System is better (that is if you have used both)

  2. I knw it’s nt related bt reading Kindle couldn’t stop from commenting

    I have Kindle already :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:
    i love it xcept fr d fact that it doesn’t have it’s own light 🙁 and for night readers like me who prefer to go to sleep reading it’s a big pain to get up and turn off the light

  3. If someone has a crush on me, might as well tell me; rather than cause me break-outs. What logic is that anyway? ROFL :laugh:

  4. wowieee!! i want the All about eyes thingy…….does it get absorbed really fast? as in if i use in the morning when in a hurry t go t wok it wont take time na?

    • it does Zee…no worries about that one…but i dont know how effective it is 🙁
      i am planning to try the Wunder eye cream…saw your comments on Rashmi’s site!!

  5. I dono if m going to buy any other things from clinique but m surely buying this 3step care once i clear up..heard a hell lot about it! :rock-n-roll: 😀 :yes:

  6. heard a lot about this on YT,i m sooo sick of my acne..i just want to get rid of it and i became soo desperate that i forced myself to spend a bomb on clarisonic plus…will try this once my wallet recovers… 🙁

  7. What coincidence. :laugh: I posted about the face wash today only n also mentioned m picking it up soon.So glad u reviewed the whole set :hug-makeup: ……Feels like god is hinting me to take this plunge and get these ASAP 😛

  8. all bout eyes doesn’t Really work on the eyes but ill tell what does get light – your pocket! my dark circles r at their darkest right where should be inspite of religiously using
    ‘a b e’ ! their mildest toner that’s minus 1 well only that doesn’t have alcohol. toners 1,2 n 3 have alcohol and for acne they have a special toner…

      • Hi Zara, can you please tell me if you know when the Clinique store is opening? I went there one month back. No MAC and no Clinique there at that time in K.P Plaza. 😥 😥 😥 Also did the new mac show room open in K.P plaza? thanks a too excited about trying clinique 😀 :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:


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