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Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream

For centuries eyes have been considered one of the most beautiful features; I mean how many Bollywood songs do we have on eyes? Ankhonmeinteri….. yeah kali kaliankhain… akhiyon se goli mare :-p I’m sure there are plenty. Sadly eyes are also one of the features often affected with tons of beauty concerns…Puffiness, fine lines, under eye bags, dark circles…. Ufff!!!! Also the first signs of ageing start from eyes (crow’s feet).


Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream Review+eye cream reviews


Having said that, no matter how many beauty problems one can have eyes are always beautiful! So we really don’t need to stress out if we have any of above mentioned problems. I never even noticed my problems until I saw tons of eye makeup tutorials. It was only then I noticed the problems with my eyes. And since then I have been observing everyone’s eyes :-p let me tell you even celebrities have many such problems, but they still rock it 🙂 All we need to do is take extra care of our eyes and do what we can. Some may have permanent problems due to allergies and even genes. Nothing much can be done in that case but we do have concealers!!

Ok enough of the gyan, let’s get down to the review of my favorite eye cream I have come across. It’s an eye cream by Clinique called “all about eyes”.

They have two variants, one is a cream and the other one is a gel cream. I bought the gel cream as the SA informed me that the gel is easy to apply and it gets absorbed into the skin easily.


Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream Review Product+under eye cream


I have been using it for almost 3 months now and I love it! I have used body shop, garnier, biotique and what not but they really did nothing to my eyes. The first time when I applied Clinique eye cream my eyes felt extremely soft instantly. My eyes never felt so soft in years. Within a week or two the puffiness reduced significantly although the dark circles took a while to fade, maybe a month. I’m not saying the dark circles are completely gone! I still use a concealer but they did fade and my eyes look more youthful now.


Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream Review Package+under eye circles


I use it twice a day once in the morning and once in the night. It is not greasy at all; you can even apply eye makeup over it. It just needs a couple of minutes to get absorbed into the skin.

Ingredients –


Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream Review Ingredients+eye cream


It costs around 30 dollars for 15 ml, but it’s a great investment as it lasts quite some time, like I said I have used it for 3 months or so and I believe it will last another month or two easily.  The shelf life is upto 6 months from the time it is first opened.


What I  like about Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream:-


  • It works!
  • Reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines
  • Works on all skin types
  • Does not irritate the eyes
  • Ophthalmologist Tested
  • Allergy Tested
  • Fragrance free


What I don’t  like about Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream:-


  • Comes in a tin, it would be nice if it came with a pump.
  • The packaging looks great but it’s bulky and heavy.

Overall it’s a great product, the best I have used so far. I will definitely repurchase it!

I found this from their website –

Glammy Award


All About Eyes was triumphant for the 4th time in the “Best Eye Cream / Department Store” category.


Allure Readers’ Choice Award


Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream_Glammy Award

Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream_Allure Readers' Choice Award


Best Department Store Eye Cream

I’m not surprised it has won these awards 🙂 BTW I found it quite funny and dint know they had such awards for cosmetics. Glammy awards is a funny name, obviously inspired by grammy awards 🙂

That’s it from me; I hope this review will be helpful 🙂



Have you tried Clinique All About Eyes Under Eye Cream?

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  1. I’d luv to try this out! M all for the investment in this case since if it works and lasts 5-6mts it’s pretty justified!


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