Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace & Long Last Glosswear Fireberry Lipgloss Review


Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace & Long Last Glosswear Fireberry Lipgloss 

Yeah the Velvette got me too, and I was so excited that I signed up for the next three months too. So, apart from other stuff I received, I got this, and I am pretty happy with it.


Clinique Long Last Glosswear Fireberry Lipgloss Review+clinique lipstick fireberry review



The dual ended lipstick-gloss for me was a gorgeous set, and I found the colors thoroughly to my liking. The original sizes of these are 1300/- each, so I would like to think I got a great bargain here. Plus, I can carry the lipstick and gloss easily in my purse and they are perfect for this festive season when you are out shopping.


Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace lipstick+clinique pink lipstick


The color Raspberry Glace comes from Clinique Different lipstick. It is a beautiful shade of warm berry red and I am charmed by it. Suits my skin tone perfectly, and without going over the top, it delivers a wash of beautiful color with micro glitters. Though the lipstick does not stay more than 2-3 hours, it does make my lips look good. I generally use it separately from the gloss.


Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace lipstick swatches


With  flash, hand swatch of the color.

The color on my lips is beautiful, it settles down after application, but is great for my mouth. It is definitely not over the top, and it is sheer, if applied once on my lips. I prefer it and it looks very natural. A great shimmery color for date nights, evening outs when you have done heavy eye makeup, or for office wear if you don’t have a too-strict code. It does not bleed, so another big yay. The formula is creamy, so it keeps my lips hydrated



Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace lip swatches



The lip gloss is the closest dupe to Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss Steamy for me. The color is berry-red with micro glitters once again. Here, the gloss stays on my lips for a couple of hours yet again. I use it solo, or with the lipstick sometimes. I like the feel of the gloss on my lips; it’s not too sticky or too runny, just right.


clinique pink lipgloss shimmery



The color I love. You can see the tiny gold sparkles? They are my only peeve… sometimes the color bleeds when it is too hot, and then the gold gets stuck to my lips.

Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace lipgloss



Lip swatches as follows.

Clinique  Long Last Glosswear Fireberry Lipgloss lip swatch


I think the price is steep for Indian markets – Clinique should ideally do what Avon did to promote their UCRR – made 2.5 gm. packs of the product and sold them first to get the colors popular before pulling them out of the market and keeping only the 4 gm. ones.


Overall, here is my opinion.

Pros of  Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace:-


  • Lovely color that would suit most Indian skin types
  • Very hydrating
  • Great creamy texture

 Cons of Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace:-


  • Staying power is not too good
  • Price is steep
  • Melts in the heat
  • Availability

What I liked about Clinique Long Last Glosswear Fireberry:-


  • Gorgeous color
  • Hydrating
  • Staying power is about 3 hours which is good for a gloss

What I did not like about Clinique  Long Last Glosswear Fireberry:-


  • Bleeds
  • Availability
  • Micro glitters settle on my lips


Verdict for the Lipstick: 3.5/5

Verdict for the Lipgloss: 3/5

Overall, I would have to say I will think of buying the lipstick. The gloss is still in the question-mark phrase.


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  1. hey i was trying to login today in velvette BOX but was not able to do so….how did you subscribe for the box….i did not find any tab for the subscription.

  2. I got this too….the Color is not too visible on me, ut nevertheless I like the Lippy..the gloss tho isn’t somethin m fond of ….


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