Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew Review


Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew


Guess who’z back?! (Again) After disappearing (Yet again! :struggle:) Missed you guys terribly and simply couldn’t wait to crawl back into this space. :Cute: Now that I managed to squeeze in some time (and the will power to overcome writer’s block) am so glad to be back to writing reviews long enough to put all the sleep-deprived people out there into a deep, long slumber 😛 So get your pillows ready and let’s begin 😉

Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew Package

About Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew

Wear oil-free, dermatologist-developed Even Better Makeup SPF 15 and something amazing happens: Without any makeup, see improved clarity, a more even skin tone, visibly diminished age spots, for all ethnicities, in just 4 to 6 weeks. Broad spectrum SPF helps protect against future darkening. For continued benefits, even after you take it off-partner with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

Dermatologist developed. Allergy tested. 100% fragrance free. Moderate coverage. Natural, luminous finish.

Quantity: 30 ml (1 FL. OZ.)

Price: Used to be INR 1900. Now the website says it retails for INR 2950 :pain:

Shelf life: 2 years from mfg date

Ingredients: Contains a mind-boggling list of ingredients that you can see in the image :hypnotized:

My Experience With Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew

Packaging: This comes in a small, lightweight yet supremely sturdy plastic squeezy bottle with a chrome-finish plastic screw cap. By the way, don’t be fooled by the tiny bottle (it looks darn small, I warn you). I’ve used (and abused :-P) mine for more than a year and it still looks just as good as it did when I first got it (no kidding) and there’s STILL product left in there!! The mouth of the bottle has a precision nozzle that makes dispensing the foundation oh-so-easy.

I love that the packaging is so travel-friendly especially since most high-end brands package their foundations in heavy, frosted-glass bottles that are a real pain to travel with, and is a nightmare for daily use.

This is sooo user-friendly and I love everything about it except the fact that you can never tell how much product is lying inside. I tried placing it against the harshest of lights but nope, there’s absolutely no way you can see through that tough plastic. Opening the nozzle and peeking inside doesn’t help either. 😛

Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew Info

Shade description:

The shade 26 Cashew (MF-N) is a wee bit dark for my medium-to-light Mac NC40 skin tone but I’m fine with that since I prefer going a bit darker with foundation since the coverage tends to be higher. To balance the shade mismatch I set it with a lighter shade of powder. This shade will be a perfect match for those who are between NC42 and NC45 (tried and tested). I also have to mention that even though it appears dark on me at first, once it sets, it adjusts to my skin tone really well and you cannot tell I have anything on.

Fragrance: Clinique products are designed to be used on even the most sensitive skin and so they are generally fragrance-free. This one too does not have any added perfume but if you were to sniff really hard you’ll get a mild nutty scent (sort of like hazelnut) that is in no way cloying or over-powering.

Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew

Application: Let me first off tell you that you don’t need to fuss with makeup brushes at all with this foundation. Even when used with fingers it applies and sets beautifully without leaving any streaks or patches. I generally refer brushes over fingers for makeup application but I refrain from using brushes when am using this particular foundation since this does stain the bristles a bit more than others and it takes me longer to wash my brushes. Beauty Blenders work really well with this formula.

Texture & Finish:

This has a somewhat thick and creamy texture that blends like a dream. The finish is definitely dewy and luminous and even if you set it with powder, the dewiness will peek through after a while. So this is definitely NOT for those who prefer a matte finish. But the dewiness will not be all that apparent on very dry skin unless you moisturize well before application. It does not highlight pores or dry patches and renders an almost air-brushed finish when set with powder.

Even though it has a thick texture it feels absolutely lightweight once applied and the finish is so natural, radiant and healthy-looking. A point I mussst mention is that even though this has SPF it photographs beautifully and I’ve used it on quite a few brides and it looks as amazing in pictures as it does up-close. :yes:


This foundation is quite pigmented and just a single layer will give medium to somewhat-heavy coverage. Redness, minor imperfection and mild unevenness will all be concealed effortlessly but dark spots or freckles will show through a little and will require a separate concealer. Even though I had really spotty skin when I first bought this, I never felt the need to wear more than a single layer since the coverage is awesome and better that most foundations I’ve used. If you’re someone who has fairly good skin and like only sheer foundations, you may want to skip this since even a thin layer of this may prove to be a bit too heavy to your liking.

Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew Tube

Staying Power: The formula is a tad too hydrating and dewy for my oily skin and even after it sets, this tends to transfer a little onto my phone, to tissues, to basically everything that touches my face. Looking at this, I assumed the staying power would be low and this would evaporate from my face like most foundations do on very oily skin. But incredibly, for all that initial transferring, the foundation still manages to stay intact for nearly 6 hours (if not more) with just minimal fading!

It does get really dewy on me as time progresses and I need to blot and powder at regular intervals, but I can still see a lot of foundation at the end of the day when I remove my makeup. Also, I have the habit of splashing my face with water every now and then, and the foundation did not come streaking down my face when I did so :yes:

Allergies/Reactions If Any:

I have very oily-, acne-prone skin and this did not give me any breakouts at all. I’ve read reviews where this has broken out some badly and I find this surprising since I have even taken light naps with this on and it did not adversely affect my skin in any away. In fact, every time I’ve worn this foundation, my skin looks plump, hydrated and well rested after I’ve removed it. I’ve even used this when I was going through a phase of sensitive skin that used to sting easily but this foundation did not irritate my skin.

And since I’ve used this on like at least 5 to 7 (maybe more) other people with different skin types and concerns, I know for a fact that it did not break them out either. But do note that this does contain a LOT of silicones and you may want to do a patch test if you are allergic to them.

Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew swatches

What I like about Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew?

  • Compact, lightweight, travel-friendly & user-friendly packaging
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Feels lightweight despite its thick, creamy texture
  • Medium to almost heavy coverage
  • Evens-out skin to a great extent and covers minor imperfections in just one layer
  • Dewy, natural-looking finish
  • Last for nearly 6 hours with just minimal fading (when set with powder)
  • Water-resistant
  • Does not accentuate pores or dry patches
  • Does not irritate sensitive and/or acne-prone skin
  • Photographs beautifully even though it has SPF

What don’t I like about Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew?

  • A bit too hydrating for very oily skin and can get very dewy in humid weather
  • Needs to be set with powder else it will transfer quite a bit
  • Not for those who like sheer coverage/ matte finish (not really a con though)
  • Opaque packaging makes it impossible to figure out how much product is left
  • Availability as Clinique is not the easiest brand to get hold of in India if you don’t live in a major city
  • Pricey, but then Clinique is not a drugstore brand and the quality offered is great!

Rating: 4.7/5

Final thoughts: This is the first time I’m dabbling with Clinique’s base makeup and I have to say I’m already a fan! Even Better Foundation is not technically the right choice for my uber oily skin, but the blend-able texture, the great coverage, the amazing staying power and the way it makes my skin look airbrushed while still looking radiantly natural has me obsessing over this little bottle. I highly recommend this foundation for those with combination to dry skin, and to those who have blemishes, spots, dark patches and all that jazz that makes us wanna put a paper bag on our head and walk out the door. But whatever your skin type, do make sure you set it with a powder that suits your skin concern and you can make this foundation work in your favor.:yes:

Have you tried Clinique Even Better Foundation with SPF15 in 26 Cashew before?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just bought this and am feeling super guilty because of the price! I hope it’s worth it. I have a dry/combination skin that is over sensitive and breaks out easily. Some parts very oily and some dry and flaking. I used it for two days, no breakouts so far.


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