Clinique Products For Oily Skin


Surbhi asks,

I want to indulge myself into Clinique products and have oily skin which is prone to acne.Please suggest products which will suit my skin type and are available easily.

clinique products for oily skin



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  1. Hey Surbhi…the SAs at Clinique analyze your skin type and suggest products for you 🙂 but…I have combination skin (Type 3 @ Clinique) and I was reco-ed the 3 step routine for Skin type 3, All for eyes (something like that) under eye cream 🙂

    and they were really the best for me, try it and let us know how it was for you 🙂

  2. i wud suggest u plz plz go for a trial size version of the 3 step system first.. the clarifying lotion just made my skin is not something tht suits everyone .. infact there are more bad reviews than good.. for me ..none of the stuff worked TBH…n i spent a lot of money!

  3. u get these travel sized chottu samples for trial….ask the clinique sa to give a set matching ur skin type….im type 3 n loved their facewash n toner….the ddml didn impress me much though i bought the biggest bottle in the store…..their anti blemish solutions makeup is also worth trying if u get a good color match….


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