Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy Review


By Gkaur

Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy

Hi Friends, It’s been quite a while since I wrote. I hope you all had a great valentine’s day. I enjoyed myself thoroughly by getting beauty facials and treatments in the day. A lazy weekend brunch at the nearby cafe and a romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant.

Well to top it all I received the most precious gift too at the end. A gorgeous diamond Tanishq pendent set from the MIA collection. I guess this was the most memorable valentine’s day of my life.  I wore a black dress for the evening and kept my accessories to the minimal and made my eyes speak. And I used the which I recently purchased from Clinique. I think it’s the must have eyeliner for every girl and here goes the review.

Clinique eyeliner in Violet review

About Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy

No need to be subtle when it’s now so easy to move into the deepest, most dramatic range. Find all the intensity of a liquid liner in one simple stroke. Silky formula glides on. Stays on all day. Never needs sharpening. “Smoke” with the smudge tip on the opposite end. Ophthalmologist Tested.

Two great ways to wear it:

  • Create a dramatic winged-eye look
  • Use it as a long-lasting eye shadow

Price: Rs. 1200 for 0.28gm

Colors available: 11 colors are available in this range

  • Clove
  • Peridot
  • Chocolate
  • Ivy
  • Charcoal
  • Midnight
  • Aubergine
  • Plum
  • cobalt
  • Ebony
  • Black

How to use:

  • Swivel up only 1/8-inch (pencil does not retract to avoid exposing formula to air, which is drying).
  • Line eyes.
  • Use the tool on the opposite end to gently smudge color to desired effect.
  • Allow color to set for 60 seconds to ensure transfer-resistance. Recap securely after using to protect the silky formula.
  • Can be used alone or over eye shadow.
  • Remove with your favorite Clinique eye makeup remover.

Availability: Easy

Shade: Olive moss green with thin streaks of golden glitter which are totally non chunky and blends with the color…

Packaging: The Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense – Intense Ivy, comes in a sleek, twist up type retractable pencil. The body of the pencil holds the color of the eyeliner. One end of the pencil has the transparent twist up product with an opaque grey colored cap while the other end has a spongy smudger with a transparent cap. The length of the pencil packaging is big enough to hold and get a good grip while application though the product inside is very less only 0.29gms. I can already see the empty straw moving up as I twist the pencil up for pushing the product to the tip.

Ingredients: On the package.

My experience with Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy

I love pencil eyeliners for the ease of usage especially for those who have not achieved their precision of wearing the liquid eyeliners. When I tried the Color bar Iglide pencils I found it to be as easy as a child’s play and I had become an expert to wear them as quickly as possible even when in hurry. However the task of sharpening and the wood packaging hurting my eyes when not sharpened properly was always a pain point with them. The Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense pencils solved my problem as I received the best wearable pencils in the most desirable packaging.

The Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy pencil comes in a sleek partially transparent packing where it dispenses the color. The same has an opaque cap and fits perfectly to avoid any  drying of the product. The transparent packing helps in viewing the product left in the thin straw inside and make one prepare for the next purchase 😉 The other end has a soft sponge for smudging which has a clear transparent cap which fits perfectly too.

Final Thoughts

The Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Ivy is a moss olive colored eyeliner with slight golden shimmers which are non-tacky. It is the most creamy and soft textured. It is very much office wearable and looks very professional too. For those who hesitate to use other colors apart from black, it’s a must try for them. It is easiest in application and can be easily used by any person who is trying the pencil eyeliner for the first time. In a single store it provides a neat and pigmented line.

To give a smudged look, the sponge can be rubbed over on the line smoothly. I personally prefer a clear intense line than a smoky smudged look with the intense Ivy pencil. The eyeliner stays put without any smudging or fading. I have very oily eyelids but I must admit that the color stays put for more than 8 hours easily without any form of fading. It is my HG eye pencil and I need to have it in my kitty come what may now.

What I liked about Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy?

  • Super creamy and very easy to apply
  • Superb color intensity in a single stroke
  • Beautiful sleek packaging
  • Smudge free
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Subtle shimmers which are not tacky.
  • Great for first timers users too

What I didn’t like about Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy?

  • Very expensive for the quantity

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Clinique Quick liner For Eyes Intense Intense Ivy?

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