Coastal Scent Amethyst & Coastal Scent Peach (MAC Texture Dupe)


Coastal Scents hot pots

I am so so overwhelmed with the facebook response of this eye makeup look that I decided to re do the look for you people! A look which has been shared some 40 times and I don’t even remember the likes. I have used three eyeshadows in it and the main eyeshadow which gives the effect on  black eyeliner is MAC Unflappable which is a must for any smoky eye makeup addict. I have done a number of tutorial whith this eyeshadow before one of them can be read here.

Other two eyeshadows are from coastal scents which are

Coastal scent S16 (Amethyst)

Coastal scent Hot Pot S33 (Peach)


  • Price – $1.99
  • Dimensions:    1″ (2.5cm) [26mm] in diameter
  • Net Weight:     1.3g / 0.04oz

Coastal scent hot pot s16 & s33


Coastal Scent Amethyst  Swatch , Texture, Pigmentation & Staying Power:-

It’s a lavender / pinkish purple shade which is not as bright as I expected it to be. There is a bit of chalkiness in it. Texture though is smooth but lacks a bit of pigmentation. I bought it thinking it’s a closer dupe of MAC Nocturnelle is a plum purple instead and is just not related. What a bummer in case of dupe 😛

Staying power is quite average of 3-4 hours one definitely needs primer underneath it. Blending the eyeshadow is easy but needs layering.


Coastal Scent  Peach Eyeshadow :-

Its a beautiful  peachy shade with soft shimmer which has  nice sheen to it. It’s quite a versatile shade which can be used on the lid, brow bone and can use it to blend out the crease colour. Pigmentation of the shade is pretty good and will suit most skin tones. One doesn’t need layering of this shade and staying power is 4-5 hours. There is hardly any fall out  and  it definitely is one of the must have eyeshadows from coastal scents. Also, its a very good dupe of MAC Texture eyeshadow.


coatal scent hot pot s33 & s16 swatches


I used Amethyst in my crease and Peach as brow bone highlighter here. Used Amethyst in the lower lashline as well.


Coastal scent eye makeup lavender & Gold


Here is the step by step tutorial :-

  • Step 1– Apply any eye primer.
  • Step2 – Apply any black eyeliner on the upper lashline .
  • Step 3 - I used Maybelline gel eyeliner black and with a flat brush blend it upwards to the crease.
  • Step 4 – With the same brush apply MAC Unflappable eyeshadow above the gel eyeliner and CS hot pot Amethyst in the crease.
  • Step5 – Apply CS peach shade from the crease to the brow bone.Applied Maybelline gel eyeliner on the lower lashline and smudged it a little .Applied CS Amethyst over it.
  • Step 6 – Curled my lashes, applied lots of mascara and Sleek false eyeslashes.


coastal scent eye makeup lavender and gold


Hope you liked the tutorial ..:)

Have a super awesome weekend every one !!!

Have you tried coastal scent Amethyst & Peach eyeshadow?


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  1. u make the eye make up to look so simple and easy..but if i try to copy u, i end up with the most stupid thing on my eyes. 🙁

  2. ana..i want to shop frm CS again nw..u picked the bestest shades and the way u r using them is just awesome..
    Totally outstanding look yar..i used to wear colored contact lenses during college days fr fun and nw i am tempted to try them again..!
    U r truly a Diva..

  3. BeAUTIFUL EOTD! n TO ADD to the OOMPH factor the false eyelashes and hazel green lenses is complimentin each other :lipstick: :inlove: :hug-makeup: :beauty:

  4. Came back to my blog and blogging after a long time-awesome EOTD Ana!!! I loved the lashes a lot!!! Seems like I have to order from coastal scents soon :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:

  5. This looks wonderful on green eyes and brown eyes, as well.
    I’m wondering how it might look on mine: I have hazel eyes, blonde dyed hair and my eyes are rather small, but my eye lashes are like really big. 😀
    Definitely gonna try this at home.

      • Will definitely let you know about that, although I’m not that photogenic as I used to be back in my redhead days. :))

        Btw, did you by any chance receive my email regarding a guest submission on your blog? I’d love to share some info with your wonderful community.


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