Eye Makeup With Coastal Scent Hot Pots


I wanted to use few of  coastal scent hot pots in my eye makeup today.It so  much fun picking up few of the colours and knowing they are dupes of MAC that too of good quality.I am impressed by the  texture and pigmentation of coastal scents hot pots and these are truly worth the price infact I don’t think we will get this quality of hot pots in India at the price which coastal scent offer us.

Eye makeup which I did was inspired by Ritika 😉 as she is fond of these kind of green and has been pouring too many reviews of similar shade.So when I opened my coastal scent palette I took out this shade first and paired it with few of humble shades.

green and brown eye makeup

Shades which I used are:-

  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot Chamois Nude

  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot S36

  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot MO5

  • Coastal Scent Hot Pot Rich Walnut

Coastal scent hot pot chamois nude+ S36+M05+Rich walnut swatches

Swatches from( LtoR)

  • Chamois Nude – It’s a great matte cream  eyeshadow which can be used as a brow bone highlighter , inner corner of eyes and for blending shades.

  • S36 -Brozy gold shade

  • MO5 – Blackend green

  • Rich Walnut – Brown berry shade with satin finish.

Chamois nude+hot pot s36+hot pot MOS+Rich walnut finger swatch

and here we go with the eye makeup tutorial:-

  • Step1 – Apply eye primer/concealor on the lid and blend it down with your third finger.Apply compact if you have used a concealor.
  • Step2 – Filled my brows with MAC espresso eyeshadow.
  • Step3 – Apply creamy beige shade all over eyelids and above .I have used Coastal scent chamois nude here.
  • Step4 -Apply blackend green from the outer corner to the middle of the eyes.Used Coastal scent hot pot M05
  • Step5 – With the help MAC Small tapered brush applied Rich walnut in the crease .
  • Step6 – Applied Kohl in the lower lashline.
  • Step7 – A bronze gold shade in the inner corner of eyes.Used MAC 219 brush.
  • Step8 – Applied winged eyeliner by using Coastal scent cream eyeliner envy.Completed the look with lots of mascara.
 My camera is acting little weird and this is the reason you are going to see the pics in different lights.

green brown coastal scent eye makeup step by step

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  1. my brows have grown so much and i am looking like an early man!!!hahahaha..i too want to do a look with my CS hot pots….
    girls..i am going to GOA…for my marriage anniversary!!!!!

  2. Can u pls do dat Kareena look of her sangeet ceremony,where she is wearing golden sleveless blouse and yello saari! (including the blush) drop.ndtv.com/albums/ENTERTAINMENT/saifeena-sangeet/saif-kareena-sangeet54.jpg

  3. Ana before i log onto wise she i need to hide my credit card ! Otherwise il be bankrupt soon! Im awaiting my sleek package an im already thinking if coastal scents! Lol

  4. wow awesome ana…. looks dreamy and doable for a beginner like me….. 😛
    can i ask stupd doubt…. s there any rule for which shadow u use for crease? means does it have to be shimmer or matte?


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